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The Bush administration

Appointees to President-elect Bush's Cabinet and White House staff, with dates they were nominated:

AGRICULTURE SECRETARY: Ann Veneman, former California agriculture director, nominated Dec. 20.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Sen. John Ashcroft, R-Mo., defeated for re-election, Dec. 22.

COMMERCE SECRETARY: Bush campaign chairman Don Evans, Dec. 20.

DEFENSE SECRETARY: Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Dec. 28.

EDUCATION SECRETARY: Rod Paige, superintendent of the Houston Independent School District, Dec. 29.


HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES SECRETARY: Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, Dec. 29.

HOUSING SECRETARY: Mel Martinez, the elected chief executive of Orange County, Fla., and a Cuban immigrant, Dec. 20.

INTERIOR SECRETARY: Former Colorado attorney general Gale Norton, Dec. 29.

NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: Stanford University scholar Condoleezza Rice, named Dec. 17.

OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET: Mitch Daniels, senior vice president of the drug giant Eli Lilly and Co., named Dec. 22.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Gen. Colin Powell, former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Dec. 16.

TREASURY SECRETARY: Paul O'Neill, chairman of aluminum maker Alcoa, Dec. 20.

VETERANS AFFAIRS SECRETARY: Former deputy VA secretary Anthony Prinicipi, Dec. 29.

WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL: Alberto R. Gonzales, Texas Supreme Court justice, named Dec. 17.

WHITE HOUSE COUNSELOR: Campaign spokeswoman Karen Hughes, named Dec. 17.

Candidates for positions not yet filled:

ENERGY SECRETARY: Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles, a Democrat who supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska; defeated Sen. Slade Gorton, R-Wash.; and Thomas Kuhn, Edison Electric Institute.

FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION CHAIRMAN: Michael Powell, one of five FCC commissioners and the son of retired Gen. Colin Powell, the secretary of state-designate.

LABOR SECRETARY: Rep. Jim Talent, R-Mo., defeated in race for Missouri governor; Rep. Jennifer Dunn, R-Wash.; former Reagan administration civil rights commissioner Linda Chavez; Republican consultant Rich Bond.

NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION: Former Sen. Harrison Schmitt, R-N.M., an Apollo 17 astronaut.

NAVY SECRETARY: Retiring Rep. Tillie Fowler, R-Fla.; Navy veteran and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach; outgoing Rep. Steven Kuykendall, R-Calif., a Marine Corps veteran.

TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY: Elaine L. Chao, former deputy transportation secretary in first Bush administration and wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Dunn; defeated Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Mich.; Kansas Gov. Bill Graves, whose name is being pushed by the industry.

U.N. REPRESENTATIVE: Former Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind., also mentioned as a potential CIA director; Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge; John Whitehead, former diplomat who was head of the United Nations Association of the USA.

U.S. TRADE REPRESENTATIVE: Robert Zoellick, former State Department official in the elder Bush's administration; Richard Parsons, president of Time Warner Inc.