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Top 10 stories in the Pasco Times

Few people would disagree that the most dramatic story of 2000 in Pasco broke on Jan. 19 in the parking lot at Ridgewood High School in New Port Richey. As students were leaving the campus, Steven Moschella held a stolen .22-caliber pistol that discharged into the back of the driver's seat, killing Teddy Niziol. But what stories would you choose to round out the top 10 for the year? Here is a brief list as selected by Times editors.

1. Fatal shooting at Ridgewood High.

2. Bob White defeats Lee Cannon for sheriff.

3. The drought of 2000.

4. Connerton leads development boom.

5. George W. Bush campaigns at PHCC.

6. Sylvia Young and Hap Clark leave County Commission.

7. "Baby Sam's" father in New Port Richey awarded custody.

8. Ecstasy proliferation and death of Eric Przybyszewski.

9. Trooper Danny Bowers fired.

10. Land O'Lakes woman shoots and kills intruder.