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At a glance

WHAT: 49th annual 12 Hours of Sebring.

WHERE: Sebring International Raceway.

WHEN: Race begins at 10:40 a.m. Saturday. Warmups begin at 7:30, with two short races preceding the main event.

TV: Speedvision, 10:30 a.m.

ADMISSION: Tickets start at $70 for a two-day entry, and parking is $10 per car.

DIRECTIONS: Take Interstate 4 east to exit 16, toward Lakeland and U.S. 92. After 4 miles, turn right onto U.S. 98, which goes directly into Sebring (about 60 miles).

NOTES: Race runs rain or shine. No motorcycles or off-road vehicles allowed.

Comparison shopping

To compare Tom Kristensen's Audi R8 with standard specs for a NASCAR Winston Cup stock car, the stock car is 18 inches longer, nine inches taller, weighs 70 percent more and generates 780 horsepower as compared to 600 for the Le Mans cars. While a 2.67-mile stock-car lap has four left turns, a 3.7-mile lap at Sebring has 17 turns. Top Le Mans cars will reach speeds of 200 mph on Sebring's Ullmann Straight, and last year's winning car averaged 110 mph over 12 hours of driving.