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Bradenton man in hot water for voting twice

A prominent Republican was such a passionate supporter of George W. Bush he voted for him twice.

Now Chris Carman, the brother of a Bradenton city councilman and a former county Republican Party official, may face felony charges for voter fraud.

"I made a boo-boo," Carman said.

Carman said he cast an absentee ballot mailed to his roommate, Blair Hanner, after Hanner said he wouldn't vote in November's election.

After marking the ballot, Carman signed Hanner's name and signed his own name as the witness.

"He said if I wanted to vote for him it was okay, that he wouldn't say anything about it," Carman said. On Election Day, Carman went to the polls and voted for Bush again. Hanner, a registered Democrat, went to the polls too, where election workers told him he had already voted.

Hanner signed a sworn affidavit saying he had not, and was allowed to vote again.

Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Bob Sweat became suspicious and called the Sheriff's Office for a criminal investigation.

"I've never seen anything like this before in my 16 years in office," Sweat said.

"You can't do something like that. Voting is not a joke. You get one vote and that's it."