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Country's racial culture damages good intentions

Editor: It's a shame that the AIM is so bitter over a parade and pageant that is supposed to honor Indians and that keeps their native culture fresh in our mind. This party is not a joke or a put down to the Indian people, but a celebration of their culture.

It seems to me everyone has gotten a little too caught up in the racial divide sweeping the country. Feelings have started to wear a little thin. Every little thing now becomes a racial slur or in poor taste. That America owes people of ethnic origins something.

There is a song that's on the show Animaniacs, a cartoon on the Disney Channel. It's called The Invasion Song. It tells of all the invasions from the being of recorded time right up to the invasion of Kuwait. Like slavery, invasion was not invented by Americans for Americans. It was a learned institution. Practiced for thousands of years before America was even a country. I think we have come a long way and still have a long way to go. It's not fair to hold us to the mistakes of the past. I think if every culture looked into its past, they would find a dark side. Something to be ashamed of.

Dean Betts

Bayonet Point

Embassy Hills residents need to show their interest

Re: Neighborhood improvement, March 13 letter.

Editor: Before the writer goes off half-cocked, he should get his facts straight. He, by his own admission, did not want to become involved when he was a resident in Embassy Hills, so why is he speaking out now?

He apparently hasn't attended any of our meetings, or he'd have the answer to why our deed restrictions are not enforced. He, like the majority of Embassy Hills residents say, "let George do it," or in our case, our President "Georgiana do it."

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We have about 428 members out of 2,800 homes, so that's part of the reason for lack of clout with the county to get more action on our violators. Last month our guest speaker from the code enforcement division told us why so little can be done. When they receive our list of violators, they'll send someone out, when available. (We know they are short of staff.) They will give the violator seven days to correct the complaint, such as an RV on front lawn or boat, junk cars etc. They check again in seven days and give them a citation. Most offenders are on weekends when they know that county personnel does not work, so they can get away with it. We follow up on all of our complaints to the county. So without the backing of our entire community, our hands are tied.

Lou DeShane, director

Embassy Hills

Supporting Thurman's ideas will help to stave off debt

Editor: I agree with U.S. Rep. Karen Thurman: You can not run a business without a profit. If you give away your profit, business must fall apart. President Reagan proved it. He gave budget tax cuts and left the country in a $3-trillion plus debt. Do we want to go through that again?

Of course the first victims of that cut will be Social Security, Medicare, help for the elderly, etc.

It is about time Mr. and Mrs. Public woke up and read the handwriting on the wall. Let's give Rep. Thurman a vote of confidence. A letter or phone call would help. Let's do it. She needs your help.

Michael Starr

Port Richey

Flag's status should concern high school administration

Editor: Sunday we attended a wonderful band concert under the direction of Henry Fletcher. The Star Spangled Banner was sung, and as we usually do, we looked for the country's flag. There was none. It is not only a real insult to the men and women who fought the great war, World War II, but also the lack of a flag in a public building devoted to the education of our children is unforgiveable.

I have called River Ridge High School and had some difficulty in having anyone take my call seriously. I believe that for a call such as this, administration should be apprised of it, not a secretary. They told me that the FCAT was being administered, and there is no doubt that all staff is involved in this testing. However, someone should have been available who should have had authority to handle important calls.

Because I consider that this country does not need any more neglect of its traditions, and I am fearful of this happening, I am calling attention to the absence of the flag.

Sarah T. McAfoose,

Port Richey

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