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Miss Teen Citrus contestants talk about their interests

In an effort to let you know a little more about the young women participating in the Miss Teen Citrus Scholarship Pageant, we have asked each a single question based on information in her biography.


Q: You express a desire to help animals. Do you want to be a veterinarian?

A: When I was in third grade, I thought I'd like to be a veterinarian, but when I got into sixth grade, I decided I didn't want to be vet because I didn't like the idea of giving animals shots or putting them to sleep. I'd like to find a job working in a wildlife park or an area where I can feed and take care of the animals or nurse them back to health.


Q: You would like to become a pediatric cardiologist. How did you decide on this career?

A: The mother of a close friend of mine died when she was very young, and (my friend) never knew her. I have a real mom and stepmom who are always here for me. Her mother had problems with her heart, and I would like to help people like her. Also, I love children to death, and it tears me up when they have problems in countries like Indonesia where they really don't have good doctors. I would like to be a doctor in areas where (children) really need help. I could be a Christian heart surgeon and fulfill all three of my missions and maybe bring them to Christ, too.


Q: You are interested in working with dolphins and autistic children. How did you decide on this goal?

A. I attended a camp about a year ago and worked with dolphins and autistic children. We found that the children interacting with dolphins improve their behavior. I would like to go on to college and study more in this area and possibly find a way to help the children to interact more normally with other children.


Q: You enjoy drawing. What is your favorite subject and why?

A: I don't really stick with one. I like to draw different things and watch it come into being. I guess I really like contour line drawing.


Q: You would like to own a farm. With so many smaller farms being gobbled up by conglomerates, do you think this is a realistic goal?

A: Yes, I do. I plan to major in agribusiness and that allows me to work in different fields. I can work for the USDA, on feed lots and other agriculture-related businesses. I can mingle with people who own farms and learn more about what it takes to run a farm. While I'm working, I can put money away to start my own. I may not have it up and running until I'm 80, but that's okay. It comes down to people knowing how to farm, but don't know the business end of it. You need to be a good manager. I'll know how.


Q: You list snowboarding as a hobby. Where did you learn about snowboarding, and where do you do it?

A: My grandmother owns a house in North Carolina, and we go there every Christmas. I learned about snowboarding about three years ago, and I really like it. It's the rush. After you get down the slope and realize you didn't fall, its great.


Q: You want to become a veterinarian. Do you have pets, and why do you choose to be a veterinarian?

A: We have two horses, two dogs, a turtle and a cat. I want to be veterinarian because I love animals and love working with them, and I want to help them any way I can.


Q: You scored 6.0 on the FCAT writing portion. Are the FCATs really important, or could school hours be better spent on other things?

A: In writing and English, I think we spend enough time in class preparing for the FCATs, and we need to know how to write for college and for work. But we also need to do other things in class that are related to writing and English. I don't think everything should be based on the FCAT.


Q: You worked with underprivileged children on mission trips. What did you learned from these trips that will affect your future?

A: I would like to do more mission work. I'm going with a group to Jamaica this summer. A group of us went to Chattanooga, Tenn., (and) . . . knocked on doors and invited the children to come out. It was hard for some of them to understand at first. Some of them didn't know who Jesus was. . . . We told some of the children who didn't feel loved that Jesus loves them.