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Well owners also are hurt by water crisis

Editor: Re: Why aren't well owners counted as water users?, March 14 letter to the editor from Joseph Cristiano:

Being a well owner, I was very much offended that because Mr. Cristiano encountered one well owner abusing water restrictions, he feels he has the right to say all well owners are. Then, by asking, "where do they think the water comes from," he's insinuating that well owners are ignorant.

I wonder if Mr. Cristiano did his homework before blasting well owners in the newspaper. If he had then he would know that the water restrictions apply to everyone. As for this well owner, we choose not to even water on our allowed day because we are trying to help conserve water. And I can guarantee my lawn looks just as bad as Mr. Cristiano's, if not worse, because I bet he still waters his lawn on his allocated day.

I honestly think Mr. Cristiano is upset just because he's paying a water bill that's steadily rising, and the well owners aren't. I would like for him to keep in mind, though, that if our wells dry up and we have to pay to replace them, it will be quite costly for us. That should make him feel better.

Lisa McConnell


Thurman needs support

to help fight spending

Editor: I agree with U.S. Rep. Karen Thurman: you can not run a business without a profit. If you give away your profit, business must fall apart. President Reagan proved it. He gave budget tax cuts and left the country in a $3-trillion plus debt. Do we want to go through that again?

Of course the first victims of that cut will be Social Security, Medicare, help for the elderly, etc., etc.

It is about time Mr. and Mrs. Public woke up and read the handwriting on the wall. Let's give Rep. Thurman a vote of confidence. A letter or phone call would help. Let's do it. She needs your help.

Michael Starr

Port Richey