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All-Star game provides players the spotlight

If you paid the $4 for the Pinellas County All-Star Classic, you got your money's worth even though neither team won.

The game ended in a 93-93 tie when Tory Holmes of the North team stole a last-second pass and laid it in to tie the score with five seconds left in a game full of humor and camaraderie.

The North team had a distinct height advantage but the South had speed and leaping ability.

Bringing the ball to the key in the second half, South's Norris Anderson challenged North's Tyler Miller to step up. When Miller did, Anderson put "the roll" on Miller as he did a 360-degree spin and drove to the hoop.

"That's my thing," Anderson said. "I've been working on it since the 10th grade."

For the North, Alvin Gunter scored a game-high 28 points and collected MVP honors. Gunter single-handedly kept the North squad in the game by hitting big shots to either tie or give his team the lead.

"I was feeling it," Gunter said. "I've been working hard on my outside shooting, just trying to get serious."

Halftime provided more laughs when the dunk contest came down to the North's Jeff Bronson and the South's Chris Maitland.

After Bronson bounced the ball off the ground and then the backboard for a slam, Maitland figured he better come up with something original.

Maitland threw the ball high in the air and waited for it to bounce before going into a comical cartwheel and losing his balance as the crowd roared in laughter.

In the three-point contest, North's Jarett Hess shot 12 three-pointers in one minute to beat the South's Anderson who had eight.