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Fit for the mother of the bride

Published Sep. 9, 2005

Question: I am the mother of the bride-to-be, and, although I am slender, I don't want a gown that is too young-looking. I would prefer a jacket that can be combined with a long skirt, and I would wear it as a two-piece gown rather than as a separate jacket worn open. Help!

Answer: I am suggesting Butterick 6821, sizes 8 to 24. The jacket features princess lines, which are not only fit but flattering. The sleeves can be made in the same fabric, or you can add your own embellishment, such as lace, as a contrast.

Although featured with a short skirt or pants, it would be lovely with a long, slim skirt or an A-line, if you prefer. I would suggest a four-ply silk, Dupioni silk or a rayon-poly that has enough body for the shaping of the jacket.

This pattern is suitable for just about any size or age. It's ageless and classic.

Favorite lining

Question: The only lining I can find in my small town is polyester. This hasn't worked too well.

What kind of lining do you advise? Maybe I can tell the store owner to get some.

Answer: Polyester doesn't take the same pressing temperature as most garment fabrics, therefore it will not lie flat, and it causes puckers in seams.

My favorite lining is called Ambiance. It's a washable rayon, and the weight is similar to China silk, which is great for all fabrics. It comes in a magnificent range of colors. This product is distributed by Logantex and is readily available. I encourage all fabric stores to carry it.

One-seam pants

Question: I am spending a lot of time in a resort area this summer and need separates. My friends tell me there are one-seam pants that are a perfect solution for my wardrobe.

Will you give us more information about this pattern?

Answer: One-seam pants means that there is no side seam. They have an elastic waist and are very easy to make. I wear them almost exclusively.

You must choose a soft, drapeable fabric because of the construction. These pants can be worn year-round, depending on your choice of fabric _ from sheer georgette to crepe, rayon, silk and polyester. Once you wear a pair, you will be hooked.

If you can't find Burda 3216 (pattern includes all sizes) in your area, you can write to me at Eunice Farmer, Box 31729, St. Louis, MO 63131. Send $10, which includes postage and the two pages of instruction that we use in our classes. I will not be offering this pattern again until fall.

This week's winner

Each week, a reader wins a McCall's pattern of choice for sending in a helpful sewing hint. This week's winner is Rita Burtis of El Paso, Ill. Her tip:

"I make a label out of a scrap of bias tape, showing the pattern number, size and view. The label is pinned to the project in progress and later sewn in when it is completed. This identifies the garment if you want to make another at a later time."

You, too, could win a current McCall's pattern. Send your sewing tips to Eunice Farmer, Box 31729, St. Louis, MO 63131. If she selects your tidbit for publication, you'll receive this prize.

Eunice Farmer is a nationally recognized authority on sewing.

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