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FRUIT BONSAI: Fruit trees can be trained as bonsai. Pomegranates (Punica granatum) grown as bonsai, for example, will flower and produce full-size fruit if they are given proper care, as will other fruit trees.

CRUMBLY TIP: When you're working with glass, china or tile, the best way to pick up small, sharp pieces from the work area is with a piece of bread. If you use a sponge, pieces will be left in it. A damp paper towel will work, but the bread will give you more protection and will grab more of those small pieces.

ZIPPERED SAFETY: Your safety glasses are the most important tool you own, so keep them inside a case to keep the lenses from being scratched when you aren't wearing them. If you don't have a case, place them inside a zippered sandwich bag.

TAPERED CUTS: When you're hanging wallpaper around a window, make cuts diagonally toward the window. This way, if the paper isn't aligned correctly, it can be adjusted and closed back together without problems.