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He said "when'

Jordan comes back

Mario Lemieux said there is a "50-50" chance Michael Jordan will return to the NBA. How does he know? The two are friendly and occasional golf partners and spoke recently on the phone. "We talked," Lemieux said. What did Jordan say? "We talked," Lemieux said, smiling. Is he coming back? "50-50," Lemieux said. Count Lemieux among those who want it to happen. "I think it's great to have Michael come back to the game if he chooses to do so," he said. "It's going to be very exciting for basketball. When he comes back, he'll be the best again, and I think everybody hopes that's the right decision."

That would buy

a lot of cheese

A Wisconsin family with 331 season Packers tickets decided to keep them all, despite the extra charge of a one-time user fee that came due this week. Mike Burris of Shawano said he would pay $463,400 _ his bill to help finance Lambeau Field's $295-million renovation/expansion. The Packers required all season-ticket holders to pay the fee or give up their seats. For fans holding the seven-game Green package, the fee is $1,400 a ticket. Burris and his family own a restaurant/bar. Over the years, it has acquired 331 tickets and resells them. As of Thursday, Burris had collected about $200,000 from people who buy tickets from him.


"Money doesn't matter to me. I'm probably one of the stupidest guys in the NFL. I just want to play."


new Dolphins quarterback candidate, who is smart enough to know $2.75-million can be enough