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Readers hope to get lucky with requests

The top of the morning to you this St. Patrick's Day! And just in case you don't capture that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (when the Lotto numbers are selected tonight), here are reader requests to keep your mind off that bit of non-Irish luck.

A. Hunter's shop has a large quantity of scrap canvas fabric in many different colors as well as seat cushion vinyl and foam. The business would like to give these items to a charity or group that can come by and pick them up. Please e-mail

Bill Beamon of St. Petersburg is looking for a videotape of the movie The Loved One, starring Jonathan Winters and Robert Morse. He'll gladly trade one of his other taped movies to have a copy. Bill may be reached at (727) 579-9221.

Judy Lee of St. Petersburg lives in a mobile home, and, of course, using space efficiently is especially important there. In an old magazine, she saw a picture of a countertop dishwasher that appeared to be about half the size of a regular dishwasher. Judy asks whether these smaller appliances are still manufactured and, if so, where they may be purchased. If you can answer these questions, please give her a call at (727) 563-0180.

Cheryl Scotti of Spring Hill still hasn't forgiven her mother for throwing away a big tin of buttons because Cheryl has become involved in several crafts projects that use buttons _ lots of them. Old, new, big, small, round, square _ any kind of button will be used. So, if you've been thinking about throwing away your big tin of buttons, please throw them Cheryl's way, which is best done by calling (352) 597-1981.

Ethel Wood of Dunedin is looking for a carousel slide projector, but she cannot find them in the stores. Are they even made any longer? If you know where they are sold or can advise Ethel on slide projectors more readily available, please give her a call at (727) 736-6941.

Yet another reader is looking for a carousel slide projector. Linda Pinke works in an Alzheimer's community and find that enjoying old memories in pictures is therapeutic for the residents. If you have one you can donate, it might bring back a memory that was thought to be lost forever. The phone number to call is (727) 723-7110 Monday through Friday.

Abracadabra! No sooner requested than granted. Dixie Rogers of South Pasadena, who is leaving the area March 20, has a Sawyer slide projector and a large number of used carousels she would like to give away. Please call her at (727) 367-4974 and remember that time limit!

A clown is born! Mary Ellen Harjes of Holiday has a friend who has just become a clown as part of his membership in the Shriners organization. Do you have clown accessories you no longer need, especially a very large striped jersey shirt? Please call her at (727) 934-1527. Hmmmm . . . what's in a clown starter kit? Round red nose . . . big, floppy shoes . . .?

A reader whose friend would like to knit slippers for seniors in nursing homes is writing because the friend cannot find a slipper pattern. If you can provide one and help bring this plan to fruition, please call (727) 530-7343.

Need any aloe or cactus plants? Joyce Nauheime, in northeast St. Petersburg, has about a dozen of each, but it's a dig-and-carry deal. Joyce may be reached at (727) 526-1711.

Regina Potenza has two requests, one for herself, one for a friend. Let's take the friend first. He has MS and is trying to locate a three-pronged electric blanket control box (with plug to wall and plug with three prongs to blanket). Next, Regina would like help locating a copy of the prayer book she used as an adolescent, titled A Catholic Girl's Guide. She recalls it as a thin, hardbound volume. If you can help on either item, please give Regina a call at (727) 442-9844.

Dorothy McDade of Largo hopes someone has the paperback "Stage Coach" series, no longer in print. Her number is (727) 584-0983.

Send requests to Reader Exchange, Home & Garden, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail Requests will be accepted only by mail or e-mail; no phoned requests, please. Except in unusual circumstances, readers must agree to publication of phone numbers (please include the area code).