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All residents urged to have X-rays taken

March 20, 1954

"We cannot be satisfied with less than 100 percent in our campaign to X-ray every adult in the county," said David Perkins Jr., general chairman for the Pinellas County area.

Four mobile X-ray units will operate in central Pinellas County and will offer free tuberculosis testing beginning March 30 and continuing through May 1. The units are furnished by the Florida State Board of Health with the Pinellas County Health Department and the Pinellas County Health and Tuberculosis & Health Association as sponsors.

"No community is safe from tuberculosis while a single case exists," Perkins said. "The spread of this disease in an area cannot be stopped until we have located all cases so that they may be placed promptly for treatment."

March 18, 1954 Some schools to run double shifts

CLEARWATER _ Some Pinellas County Schools will be forced to run on double shifts next year, Superintendent Floyd Christian said at a meeting of the Skycrest PTA on Tuesday.

Lack of sufficient funds to meet the 50 percent increase in enrollment during the past six years is causing classroom overcrowding and an increased demand on transportation.

In 1948, Christian said, 4,800 students were transported by school buses. Today there are 8,400 using the school's transportation system.

In addition to creating double shifts, some students will be transported to different schools to relieve the overcrowding situation.

April 2, 1930 Tarpon employees get paychecks

TARPON SPRINGS _ City employees received their customary monthly paychecks Tuesday following a decision by Judge Alexander Ackerman to deny a bond company access to city operating funds to be used to pay off a default on bonds.

Suit was brought recently against the city by Guardian Detroit Co., which alleged that Tarpon Springs has defaulted on bonds and that sinking funds to meet interest and maturity expenses were being used to pay city operating expenses.

Mayor James Craig said that the city was in debt not only to the bond company but also to others, but denied claims that the city was unable to meet its obligations.

The mayor stated that the financial condition of the city was not in danger and it would continue to improve as taxes were paid.

March 4, 1939 They want that clapper back!

CLEARWATER _ Col. Arthur W. Jordan offered a $25 reward yesterday for information leading to an arrest of the "rogue" who stole the clapper from the old dinner bell hanging over the office of Magistrate Leon Humphries opposite the court house.

The loss of the bell clapper caused Circuit Judge John U. Bird to hold court slightly overtime at noon yesterday. He had been timing sessions by the old dinner bell, which has been silent for two days.

Claude McMullen, state attorney, said yesterday that he had not been asked to investigate the "robbery." The donor of the reward specified that if there is a conviction it must be in the court room of Judge Humphries.

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