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Group working to help allay community center concerns


Your correspondent Pam Purol (Letters, March 16) expresses concern about certain aspects of a community center, should the county purchase St. Marks Episcopal Church at the corner of Lowell and Casey roads in Carrollwood Village.

Specifically, she is concerned about:

+ Numbers of children enrolled in possible after-school programs.

+ The supervision of children in possible after-school programs.

+ Green space that might be paved or fenced for such programs.

+ The possibility that the county might convert the St. Marks property to commercial or other public use.

Assuming the county finds it possible to purchase the St. Marks property, these, among many others, are all reasonable questions that will need to be addressed.

Hopefully, Ms. Purol will be reassured by the fact that the county Parks and Recreation Department has agreed that a local board of governors will be permitted to establish policy on the operation of any community center established in the Carrollwood area.

The community center working group that has been the principal advocate for creating a community center in the Carrollwood area urges Ms. Purol and others to join them in refining the concept for such a center. This remains a work-in-progress and all views are welcome.

For the foreseeable future, the group meets every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Park Place retirement home at the corner of South Village Drive and Casey Road. The next meeting will be March 21. For further information, I can be reached at 962-0214.

John R. Miley

Working Group Chair

Carrollwood Village

Couple happy after move to Carrollwood

My name is Lepena Reid and since November 2000, my husband Marlon Reid and I have been living in the Tampa area, moving from Atlanta. We were married just four years earlier on Thanksgiving Day, November 1996. We spent the millennium in the Tampa area, and my husband decided then that he wanted to make a change in life and come to sunny Florida, so one weekend he came down to scout out places in the area, deciding that he liked Carrollwood Village, and in October of 2000 we both came to view the area. I felt the same as he did; everything was so convenient and nestled in a community of harmony.

So in November, we moved into Lofton Place, a community here in Carrollwood.

Now I work just 2-4 miles from my home. I enjoy the restaurants, the sunny climate and the people in the community and can still find a moment to appreciate the gift of life and love.

Lepena Reid

Carrollwood Village