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Passer-by helps officer handcuff woman

(ran PC edition)

A Pasco County sheriff's deputy had to enlist the help of a passer-by to get a woman resisting arrest in handcuffs on Friday.

After a short car chase, Deputy Rafthel Morales-Santos had to chase Frieda French when she walked away from her car.

Morales-Santos wrote in his report that French looked drunk and when he grabbed her wrist to walk her back to his car, she said she was pregnant and not to touch her.

Morales-Santos wrote that French tried several times to pull away, shove him and kept him from putting handcuffs on her. Away from his car, with no radio, Morales-Santos asked a passer-by to first get his radio so he could call for help, then asked him to help him get handcuffs on French.

Morales-Santos took French to Pasco Medical Center when she complained that her stomach hurt. A doctor there said she wasn't pregnant and gave Morales-Santos medical approval to take her to jail.

French was charged with fleeing police, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license. She was being held Sunday evening on $5,750 bail.