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Roger's visit unwelcome

ALL MY CHILDREN: Junior was troubled over Tad's and Dixie's marital problems. Adam persuaded Liza to marry him after he signs Arlene's divorce papers. Leo overheard Brooke warn Laura that he's wrong for her. Greenlee had an unwelcome visit from Roger. Jake went against David's "advice" and stopped Pam from having Leslie's life support removed. Bianca told Erica about Shannon's drug use. Wait to see: Dixie gets into the wrong car.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Lucinda and Hal realized they now had the moment they'd been waiting for. Carly was upset with the attention Jack was giving to Julia's departure. Katie got an old friend to go on a new mission for her. Bryant found himself being reeled by the Franks. Wait to see: Lien has information that could affect Curtis' adoption proceedings.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon told Amber that Rick should be with her, not with his friends. Charlie sent Brooke photos he snapped of Rick responding to Amanda's kisses. Morgan invited Tim to come down to the basement, where he would understand everything about "Stacey" and her real mother. As Morgan opened the basement door, an anguished Taylor rushed at it, leaving Tim deeply confused. Wait to see: Brooke plans her next step in breaking up Amber and Rick.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hope told Bo that Marlo was the mother of Lexie's adopted baby. Rolf's feelings for Hattie grew stronger. Kate feared Lucas might kill himself because he lost custody of Will to Sami. Chloe told a stunned Philip that Nancy and Craig believe he raped her. Greta realized Jack was Jennifer's former husband. Wait to see: Glen has a shocking revelation for Abe and Lexie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny rejected Scott's $5-million offer to buy back Deception. Later, Scott apologized to Laura for acting without her consent. Roy and Luke wondered if the discs in Helena's safe deposit box could save Lucky. Helena moved forward with Lucky's programming. Lucky came face-to-face with Elizabeth after she tried to retrieve her gloves from Jason's room. Monica learned she may have cancer. Wait to see: Melissa gathers ammunition.

GUIDING LIGHT: Tony made a decision that affected the people he loves. Reva was thwarted in her plans to nab Edmund. Alan and Claire took their relationship to a new level. Despite Edmund's behavior, Beth resolutely stood by him. Noah began to rethink his situation. Wait to see: Noah finds himself on the back burner.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Tipped that Colin may have kidnapped Nora, Bo rushed to his house, where he found Sam carrying Nora down the stairs. Later, in the hospital, Nora had only a hazy recollection of what happened to her. Todd disguised himself as a police officer to try to retrieve the evidence against Blair. Viki saw Gina meeting with Rourke. Wait to see: Viki learns Gina's true identity.

PASSIONS: Luis had an out-of-body experience while trapped in the airtight vault with Sheridan. Evil Charity fueled TC's anger against Julian. Hecuba placed Tabitha in a cannibal's pot of boiling water, where Timmy later joined her. TC overheard Chad say Julian may be his father. Miguel urged Kay to focus on the power of love to save them from Hecuba's razor-sharp pendulum. Suddenly, Hecuba was zapped by the light from the Box of Goodness. Wait to see: Chad's DNA test results.

PORT CHARLES: Eve warned Ian that Arianna was falling in love with him and might not want to leave for a safer place. Later, Ian learned that Arianna suffered from post-traumatic stress linked to a rape in her past. Frank asked Josie to come home with him to see Nellie (his computer), unaware that Karen was waiting for him. A computer technician later told Frank that Nellie didn't have the technology needed to use e-mail. Wait to see: Karen tests Frank's theory about the computer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Paul agreed to help Isabella learn if her ex-husband was having her stalked. Mac noticed that Billy seemed upset by news of her date with J.T. Sharon and Victor visited Nick in the police station, where they learned of the evidence linking Nick to Jordan's death. Meanwhile, Matt was upset with Tricia for telling Keith and Ryan she was leaving Genoa City. Wait to see: Sharon becomes more uneasy about Carter (Matt).

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