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State to treat Lake Rousseau hydrilla with herbicide today

The state Department of Environmental Protection will conduct a 516-acre hydrilla treatment on Lake Rousseau starting today.

Hydrilla will be treated with the herbicide Sonar (active ingredient, fluridone) during an eight-week period. Four applications of the herbicide will be during the first four weeks and the final application in the eighth week.

Residents should not irrigate out of the lake for a five-week period from March 19 through April 22. Residents may irrigate from April 23 to May 6. After the final treatment, no irrigation should occur between May 7-27.

If you have any questions regarding this hydrilla treatment, please call Terry Sullivan, Bureau of Invasive Plant Management at 726-8622.

Scheduled treatments may be canceled because of adverse environmental conditions.

The management and treatment of nuisance exotic vegetation is necessary to maintain recreational activities and the protection of native plant populations in Florida waters.