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The Ohio Club nearly 100 members strong

On March 8, the Ohio Club held its regular monthly meeting. President Florence Rulli welcomed her fellow Buckeyes and called the meeting to order. She opened the meeting with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegence, then invited everyone to feast on the potluck luncheon that members had provided.

Following lunch, the group conducted its business. Vice President June Dunn noted that in place of a potluck, sandwiches will be served at the April meeting. Six volunteers offered to help her.

Treasurer Paul Lutz reminded everyone that the club would be celebrating 198 years of Ohio statehood with a dinner at Elks Lodge 2582, at 14494 Cortez Blvd., west of Brooksville, on March 23. Ohio was the 17th state to be admitted to the Union. Members selected their choice of meal preference and got directions to the lodge.

Only one member present was celebrating a birthday during the month of March: Pat Reinart; one couple was celebrating their anniversary: Paul and Lila Bowman, 29 years. The group congratulated them.

President Rulli mentioned that more than a year ago the club held a successful garage sale, which helped to increase the treasury balance. She suggested members think about holding another one this year, and be ready to discuss it at the April meeting.

The Ohio Club has close to 100 members.

In January, club members voted in new officers, and in February those officers were installed. Officers serve for two-year terms. The 2001-03 officers are: Florence Rulli, president; June Dunn, vice president; Betty Tournoux, secretary, and Paul Lutz, treasurer.

The very first Ohio Club meeting took place in January 1980. Members Pauline Campbell and Catherine Wervey are the only charter members remaining. The club agreed at that time to promote the social interest of its members, and today the club still maintains that goal.

Friendships among some club members go back a long way.

On April 28, 1956, in Newton Falls, Ohio, Eleanor and Nicholas Hannison were married. Mr. Hannison's best friend, Leo Scalia, was his best man. Somehow the Hannisons and the Scalias both moved to Spring Hill, and today they are fellow members of the Ohio Club.

It is, indeed, a small world.

_ The Ohio Club meets at 1 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at Bouma Hall, 1202 Kenlake Ave., Spring Hill. The club, which was organized in December 1979, welcomes all individuals who lived in Ohio at any time. For information about the club, contact Lou Stroble at 683-4591.