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The following are last week's bestsellers according to the New York Times.


1. Leap of Faith (Danielle Steel) Upon returning to the French chateau of her childhood, a woman encounters new love and mortal danger.

2. P is for Peril (Sue Grafton) The California private eye Kinsey Millhone searches for a prominent specialist in geriatric medicine who is missing.

3. Seven Up (Janet Evanovich) Stephanie Plum, a New Jersey bounty hunter, is assigned the task of finding a semiretired mobster.

4. The Jury (Steve Martini) The lawyer-sleuth Paul Madriani represents an important medical researcher who has been charged with the murder of a young colleague.

5. Hollywood Wives _ The New Generation (Jackie Collins) The loves, passions and ruthless ambitions of women in today's Hollywood.

6. Cane River (Lalita Tademy) The story of four generations of African-American women, from 1834 to 1936.

7. Back When We Were Grownups (Anne Tyler) A 53-year-old woman, the head of an unruly extended family in Baltimore, tries to recover her "original self."

8. A Traitor to Memory (Elizabeth George) A detective inspector investigates the hit-and-run killing of a woman on a London street.

9. A Painted House (John Grisham) The experiences of a 7-year-old boy whose parents live and work in the cotton fields of Arkansas.

10. Between Lovers (Eric Jerome Dickey) A Los Angeles writer is lured back into the life of his former fiancee, who dumped him for a beautiful woman.


1. John Adams (David McCullough) A biography of the United States' first vice president and second president.

2. Stolen Lives (Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi) A Moroccan woman recalls the 20 years she spent in a desert prison.

3. Ghost Soldiers (Hampton Sides) The story of a U.S. Army plan to rescue prisoners of war (including survivors of the Bataan death march) in the Philippines in early 1945.

4. Justice (Dominick Dunne) A collection of essays about crimes and criminals, trials and punishments.

5. Napalm & Silly Putty (George Carlin) The comedian offers opinions on everything from God to pets to the Lone Ranger's laundry.

6. Founding Brothers (Joseph J. Ellis) A historian's study of the intertwined lives of the nation's founders.

7. Seabiscuit (Laura Hillenbrand) A biography of the horse whose career culminated in a 1938 match race with War Admiral.

8. When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take it! (Yogi Berra with Dave Kaplan) Reminiscences and aphorisms from the Yankee Hall of Famer.

9. The Truth Is . . . (Melissa Etheridge with Laura Morton) The autobiography of the rock star.

10. Tuesdays With Morrie (Mitch Albom) A sportswriter tells of his weekly visits to his old college mentor, who was near death's door.