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Forget McGriff; Rays should trade LaMar

The only player on the Devil Rays who has excelled on the field, at bat and off the field is being offered to the Cubs for two minor-leaguers? Chuck LaMar's legacy will long be his policy of spending millions on high school kids who never will play in the major leagues, much less for the Rays.

The Diamondbacks paid major-leaguers to play now and have been successful. If the LaMar formula was going to work, it would already have shown some successes. It hasn't.

I hope McGriff tells them to stuff their trade and stays in Tampa Bay. He is wanted by the fans, if not the worst GM in the majors. If Freddie goes, I and many other fans will not go to another Rays game until Chuck LaMar goes.

Charles M. Borden

via e-mail

Fred McGriff and Greg Vaughn are the only Rays worth paying to see. Assuming McGriff accepts the trade to the Cubs and the Rays cut their payroll by his $6.5-million salary, I think it is only fair the Rays cut ticket prices in half since they will have traded away half the reason anyone would want to see them play. Trade Fred McGriff for two minor-leaguers of questionable ability? Brilliant. Too bad we can't trade Chuck LaMar.

Terry Ward

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Rays deserve some praise

You guys sure find it easy to criticize the Devil Rays, as exemplified by your Monday morning headline decrying the fitting end to the first half of the season. Yes, they lost to the Marlins, and looked bad doing it. But they did win the series. If they can continue to improve, try even harder and make some reasonable trades for Vaughn and McGriff, they may have a decent second half and a starting point for future success.

There are plenty of Devil Ray fans in this area, and not just the fair-weather kind, but we expect a decent product for our money.

The Rays don't have to win the World Series to be popular, but they have to put out the effort and treat their fans with decency and respect.

Along those lines, the Times should be critical when appropriate but also supportive when necessary (and appropriate).

Bill Arnold

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Talent drops; prices next?

It appears the Devil Rays will be fielding a Triple-A team at Tropicana Field for 2002. Accordingly, tickets, parking, food and refreshments should be adjusted to Triple-A ballpark prices.

Caesar J. Civitella

St. Petersburg

Race looked scripted

I must have missed the news. When did Vince McMahon buy NASCAR? The Pepsi 400 looked as real as Wrestlemania.

M. Robinson

St. Petersburg

The cup was empty

Your story on Goran Ivanisevic's "tin cup beggar's" entry to this great Wimbledon tournament was not humorous. Those who watched this record-breaking match will long remember Ivanisevic playing so enduringly against an equally outstanding competitor, Pat Rafter.

You take the tin cup _ the one with a hole in it.

Jim Webber

Palm Harbor

Too many commercials

NBC should never be allowed to televise another stock car race. What they displayed (during the Pepsi 400 on July 7) was a program of commercials interrupted by some racing.

John A. Goldsmith


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