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Published Sep. 10, 2005


NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION: That is essentially what Memphis Judge Walter Evans said when he ruled public money cannot be used to build an arena for the NBA's Grizzlies without a public vote. Finally, someone said no to the concept of rich owners using taxpayer money to make themselves richer.

CAL RIPKEN: Many wondered whether baseball's midsummer classic still could live up to its name. With one swing, the Orioles' soon-to-be-retired legend showed that the All-Star Game still can provide priceless moments.

DALE EARNHARDT JR.: Whether you think it was divine intervention or fodder for Oliver Stone, the son of the legend put forth a dominating performance to win the Pepsi 400.

GORAN IVANISEVIC: Three times he was a Wimbledon runner-up, but he was ranked 125th in the world this year. Still, in a thrilling five-set final against Patrick Rafter, he rallied twice from being two points away from defeat to become only the second unseeded player to win a Wimbledon singles title.


GORAN IVANISEVIC II: So he smears his triumph by making slurs against a linesman ("He looks like a f__- a little bit. This hair all over him.") and a lineswoman ("That ugly, ugly lady."). Add the John Rocker Lunkhead Award to his Wimbledon title.

NEW ZEALAND OPEN: Organizers of the pro golf event have raised the price of a weeklong spectator ticket from $20.50 to $205 to cover Tiger Woods' $2-million appearance fee. Mike Campbell, New Zealand's top golfer and the 2000 Open champion, has threatened to boycott, calling the hike a "gross insult" to local fans. The question: Is Tiger worth buying if no one can afford to come watch?

CHUCK LAMAR: Agreeing to a no-trade clause in Fred McGriff's contract has tied the Rays to a multimillion-dollar contract they don't want and a roadblock to the progress of Steve Cox.

ANDRE AGASSI: His whining during his Wimbledon semifinal loss, and his cowardly display afterward (slamming a ball at a lineswoman, nearly hitting her), resurrected his old mantra that image is everything. And in his case, that image is punk. Maybe the news that girlfriend Steffi Graf is expecting will help tennis' biggest baby grow up.

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