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Vero Beach crash kills 5

Five people died in a traffic accident Saturday when a sports utility vehicle pulled in front of a van, which smashed into the driver's side of the SUV, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Investigators said the SUV's driver, 22-year-old Felix St. Aime, was driving his wife, a mother and her son and another woman and her daughter to Miami International Airport for a flight to Haiti before dawn when he stopped at a stop sign.

But then St. Aime pulled into the path of a van driven by Kevin Page, 23, who was traveling alone and did not have a stop sign. Page's van struck the SUV broadside, Lt. Pembrook Burrows said.

The collision killed both drivers and three passengers in St. Aime's SUV: Loupe Jean, 45; Marie Mathurin, 35; and her 9-year-old daughter, Jennifer Mathurin.

St. Aime's 27-year-old wife, Lehoter, suffered minor injuries, while Jean's 17-year-old son Stanley Lormestile suffered severe injuries. He was hospitalized in critical condition. The dead and injured are all from Vero Beach, which is about 130 miles north of Miami.

Burrows said investigators have not yet determined how fast Page was traveling or if either driver was drunk.