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It's time to oppose the Bush brothers' damaging policies

Editor: Re: Thurman exploits Social Security, July 13 letter to the editor:

With regard to the Times publishing Congresswoman Karen Thurman's guest column coincidentally on the same day our state senator formally announced her intent to run for Congress, I would point out to Ms. Wright and others that it may have been an unpaid political ad, but state Rep. David Russell Jr.'s full-page political ad in the Hernando edition of the Times cost us taxpayers more than $1,400.

It is strange when one of the wolves is the person crying "wolf." Democrats don't have to lie about the Republican agenda to scare citizens of this state and country. The actions of Republican officeholders are doing that quite nicely!

Gov. Jeb Bush has just finished bashing the whole Florida education system, while his brother George W. Bush, the resident in the White House, has broken every promise he made to the general public. Notice I said "general public," not his right-wing zealots and big campaign givers.

Thurman voted against Bush's disastrous tax giveaway because she knew it would break the bank and bring on deficits like those of the Reagan/Bush years of 1980-1992. These deficits have been confirmed by several economists in the past couple of weeks.

Dubya's economic failure is nothing compared to the evil of his effort to destroy the wall of separation between church and state. Remember the words of Jefferson: "I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature." Or John Adams (our second president) "The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole carloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity." Or GOP founder Abraham Lincoln: "The Bible is not my book and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma."

Your and my right to believe what we want is imperiled by these Bush boys and we all need to fight this with every fiber of our body and minds, Republicans and Democrats alike. Sign me an old, but not greedy, geezer.

Gil Williams, Spring Hill

Thurman has done an excellent job

Editor: Re: Thurman exploits Social Security, July 13 letter to the editor:

A recent letter erroneously stated a guest column included in this paper was an "unpaid political advertisement." If the writer was a contestant on the current NBC-TV quiz show The Weakest Link, she would be escorted off the stage because of her egregious fabrication and misinformation.

The editors rightfully acknowledge the circumstances behind Congresswoman Thurman's editorial column in the "editor's note" following the misdirected accusation.

U.S. Rep. Thurman has done an excellent job of representing the people of District 5. She has been and still is a definite asset to all of us and I hope the Republican controlled redistricting committee does not gerrymander her out of representing us again in 2002. We need her as we move into some troublesome times. Look out for the new "weakest link" _ Bush's plan to force our citizens into an HMO drug prescription plan (if we have one to choose from by the end of the year).

Yes, the writer is the epitome of The Weakest Link. Do your homework. If you do, you, too, will want U.S. Rep. Thurman to remain as our congressional representative and continue with her excellent record of doing what's right for you and the rest of us.

Dom Cabriele, Brooksville

City manager deserves praise

Editor: Having attended numerous New Port Richey public council meettings, why is it that the same few voices are so negative about the leadership of the city and so ignorant about the working of city government.

Gerald Seeber is a most knowledgeable, capable and trusted manager of this city of New Port Richey.

Rudy Sinkovich, New Port Richey

City manager has become burden

Editor: City Manager Gerald Seeber has won concerning the young man caught smoking pot during working hours. In the process, he has rendered the Civil Service Board useless.

All should resign because Seeber is the board. Seeber has become a one-man dynasty, and has the idea he is indispensable to this city. Our city has become dormant under his leadership, plus his salary of $1,600 a week is out of line for a city this size.

The residents of New Port Richey should scrutinize the expenditures. If that fails to get results, replace the elected politicians at the polls. Install elected officials that keep in mind that the budget is taxpayers' money.

With new blood, comes new ideas, and Seeber apparently has run out of gas. Instead of utilizing the time for the betterment of this city, time is used to embed himself into the body politic looking for more power.

The burden is becoming too heavy for this small community to support. Let's off-load it.

Paul A. Hatcher, New Port Richey