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So who follows the Ozzfest 2001 heavy metal tour? Look beyond the piercings, tattoos and wizard wear and you'll find ... just plain folks.

Theodore Sharpless, of Tampa, is lead singer of the year-old local band Vascular Symphony. "We play industrial dance shock rock music."

Natalie King, of Melbourne, is seven months pregnant. "Seeing Black Sabbath is a once-in-a-lifetime thing," she says. "So is having a baby."

SpineShank drummer Tommy Decker and his son Tommy Jr., 4, have been on the road with Ozzfest for 10 months. "When it's over, he starts kindergarten," Tommy Sr. says.

Johnny Brannen, 19, of Titusville, is a Marilyn Manson fan. His brother Joe, who was with him, is into Slipknot.

Mike Hummer, 15, left, and 14-year-old Tim Valentine skateboarded to Tropicana Field. Why? "Dude, to check out Ozzfest."

Melissa Johnston, 25, second from left, works at a club in Sarasota, where she met (from left) Elaine Pawloski, 28, David Millett, 24, and Edward Boyd Jr., 31. "We hang out together all the time," Johnston says.

Yuri Lima, 10, left, and 12-year-old Joey Holder came from Orlando. The guy in the middle is Scott Holder. "He's my dad! He brought us!" Joey says.

Jason Kruenegel, of Fort Walton Beach, was at Ozzfest to see Slipknot. "I designed my tattoos from freehand drawings," he says.

Ken Stephens, 51, and Shirley Windsor, both of St. Petersburg, stayed outside the dome. "I thought I would give the younger crowd a chance to see Black Sabbath. I saw them years ago," Stephens says. "I still love to rock and roll."

Rebecca Dominguez, 20, of Riverside, Calif., was also at Ozzfest in Miami two weeks ago. "I planned my trip to visit my family in Miami around the tour," she says.

Mary Welch, 14, and her mother Sandy, of New Smyrna Beach, are fans of Linkin Park. "Their music bridged the generation gap," Sandy says. She listened to Black Sabbath as a teenager.

Johnathon Howe, 18, of Spring Hill, and his girlfriend Alicia Tuttle, 17, of Merritt Island.

John Chambers, of Hudson, went to the concert with his 16-year-old daughter, Jennifer. "She flew in from Michigan to go with me," he says.

Paul Clark, 27, a tile and floor installer in St. Petersburg, arrived in his wizard outfit. "I'm also known as The Tile Guy," he says.