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"There is more to Lois' journey than this short life on Earth. She's walking a new beat now."

_ The Rev. Joseph Diaz to mourners gathered at Sacred Heart Church to bury Tampa police officer Lois Marerro, gunned down by a bank robber she was chasing.

"Go out there and take from the hoodlums. Don't take the good from the community. That's what that was, taking the good from the community."

_ Judy Ritter on the murder of neighbor Michael Breary at a restaurant he owned north of Ybor City.

"I feel like I'm in a dark room. I can feel people boxing, but I can't see who they are."

_ County Commissioner Ronda Storms on the criticism she got from fellow Republicans for supporting a commission redistricting plan that does not include as many Republican voters in one district as another competing plan. Her plan was rejected in favor of one crafted by Commission Chairwoman Pat Frank.

"It is a "Man bites dog' sort of thing. But both ends of the spectrum are attacking this issue."

_ Richard Diamond on the unusual alliance between his boss, conservative Republican U.S. Rep. Dick Armey, and the ACLU in opposing technology that scans faces in Ybor City to compare with photos of criminals.

"It's a whole new Ybor for me but at least it's still alive."

_ Rafael Martinez-Ybor during a ceremony last week unveiling a statue of his great-grandfather, Vicente Martinez-Ybor, the cigar factory owner who founded the area.

"I don't think I have stupid written across my forehead."

_ Syl Farrell on suggestions by WEDU-TV officials that he stick around in case two TV programs he hosted return to the air. Farrell, who made the comment to WMNF-FM news director Rob Lorei, said he's not in a financial position to wait around and is looking for work.