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Phillip's accusations upset Chloe

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Mimi and Jan performed their dire deed, leaving Chloe not only humiliated but distraught when an angry Phillip accused her of selling nude photos of herself on the Internet. Alice told Jennifer that she once had to deceive her beloved Tom. Lexie and Abe moved into the DiMera mansion. Barb reeled at learning the results of JT's DNA test. Grandpa Shawn announced that his nephew Colin was coming to Salem. Wait to See: Jan and Mimi face their punishment.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Mateo and Chris rescued Bianca and Gabriel from the burning back room. Alex and Dimitri decided to go to Hungary to investigate a matter that suddenly came up. Edmund, meanwhile, urged Anna to stay in Pine Valley. Greenlee revealed to Leo that she knows he was paid to marry Laura. Rosa ignored Gabriel's warning not to meet Marcus at the boathouse. Chris stole the keys to Erica's house. Derek suspects Tad might have killed Sweeney, the drug pusher. Meanwhile, Adam was determined to protect JR against any suspicion that he killed Sweeney. Wait to See: Leo and Laura face a crucial moment in their marriage.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Lily set out on a mission to reclaim what is hers. Paul arrived home to be with his mother, Barbara. Craig finally faced up to revealing the truth. Katie went to extreme measures to be with Simon. Wait to See: Holden and Luke find sanctuary. Lily gets closer to what she's seeking. Lucinda squares off with Sierra.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Tony told Dr. Taylor Hayes that he wished to remain anonymous and be known only as Antonio. After hearing that his former girlfriend had AIDS, Taylor warned Tony that he was putting his new girlfriend's life at risk if he didn't get tested. To Brooke's and Eric's dismay, Amber and Deacon both said they were staying married to their respective mates, Rick and Bridget. Wait to See: Kristen faces a disturbing realization.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke admitted to Laura that Nikolas planned to infiltrate the Cassadines to try to get to the bottom of Helena's sinister plotting. Alexis blasted Sonny for his treatment of people who care for him. Helena demanded that Nikolas dump Gia to prove his loyalty to the Cassadines. Meanwhile, Laura was unnerved by clues Stavros left for her to find. Wait to See: Stavros continues to "haunt" Laura. Radio bulletins rock Port Charles.

GUIDING LIGHT: Reva caught Olivia in action. Lizzie told all. Danny's trial began. Richard and Cassie realized they had to work hard to rebuild their lives. Blake believed she had accumulated some significant evidence that could be of great help to her. Wait to See: Beth receives an unexpected inheritance. Harley finds the missing link.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Roseanne believed she was off the hook when Nora didn't recall seeing her at Colin's the night he died. In the meantime, Nora learned that Colin wasn't killed by a blow from a fireplace poker. Roseanne confessed to Cristian that she went to see Colin that fateful night to pay him not to reveal her involvement with R.J. Viki and Ben found Starr and assured her she didn't cause any problems for her parents, Todd and Blair. Wait to See: Todd tells Starr a secret about Blair's unborn baby. Asa uses Renee in his revenge plot against Max.

PASSIONS: The Face in the Pool refused to tell Tabitha how she would meet her doom. Grace fainted when she confronted David in Tabitha's kitchen, and he carried her upstairs to his room. Chad and Whitney learned the tabloid would run a story fingering Theresa as the one who revealed Ethan's paternity secret. Francisco and Cristina (talk-show host Cristina Saralegui) gave wedding gifts to Theresa and Sheridan. Rebecca and Ivy each received envelopes containing advance copies of the tabloid. Wait to See: Grace is forced to face David again.

PORT CHARLES: As Livvie mused about going away with Caleb, Jamal forced Jack to concentrate on his love for her. Ian was curious about why Michael would give Eve a family heirloom meant to protect mother and child. Alison teased Jamal about vampires, unaware that he was investigating that very subject. Chris asked Gaby about the missing blood from the bank. Lucy recognized the sketch of a man she'd seen with the dead patient. Wait to See: Alison learns the truth about Jack. Chris makes a serious error.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor asked Nikki to dinner. Tricia told Matt's ghost that she can stay in control and seek revenge against the Newmans so long as she doesn't take her medication. A shocked Sharon learned there was no legal way to keep Tricia hospitalized. Alex tried to make Malcolm realize he'd be wrong to take Nate from his mother and run off with him. Mac's old high school agreed to send Britanny a letter in response to her questions about Mac. Mary told Isabella that Chris' failure to have children was what was dividing Paul and Chris. Wait to See: Nikki has a surprise reaction to Isabella.

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