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The law is hard to digest at noon

Tourism leaders worked through lunch one day last week _ and it's a good thing they did. The midday meal tends to make some people drowsy, and that would have been a bad thing at this meeting.

At one point, the discussion turned to a legal question. Enter Carl Kern, the assistant county attorney.

"I'll put y'all to sleep. I have my big law book," Kern warned. "Everybody loves to hear from a lawyer at noontime."

GOOD CHOICE: County Commissioner Gary Bartell, who also is chairman of the Tourist Development Council, recalled during a council meeting last week how reluctant he and some other council members were to hire Geiger and Associates, a public relations firm that helps generate tourism articles about Citrus.

Bartell said he has come to appreciate and celebrate the decision. And he didn't want the Geiger representative in the audience to take offense.

She didn't. "You all were very brave," Lorraine Moore said.

DIFFICULT, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE: A rather frustrated but friendly fellow visited the Citrus Times' Inverness office last week. He wanted to search the archives for October 1950. It seems he had become inebriated the previous evening and, in the course of a discussion about the 1950 World Series, bet his buddy $100 that Dick Sisler played left field for the Philadelphia Phillies during that series. Now it was prove it or pay up!

A search on the Internet by a Times staffer located everything but that one tiny piece of information. When all else failed (or perhaps before trying anything else), the staffer called the Times sports desk in St. Petersburg. A quick search in a baseball reference book came back with the answer: Our frustrated fan was right! He nearly danced around the room while waiting for a faxed copy of that page to arrive. Then he hugged his helper and left, content in the knowledge his aging memory had prevailed.

Oh, by the way _ the Yankees beat the Phillies in that series in four straight games.

_ Staff writers Jim Ross and Mary Ann Koslasky compiled this report.