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Published Sep. 10, 2005

X-ray shoe devices, indeed. What on Earth were we thinking? If exposing your appendages to a large dose of harmful radiation wasn't enough, just wait until you gaze upon the Battle Creek Vibratory Chair. My guess is that this questionable device had nothing on my last descent into Tampa International Airport or even Captain Kangaroo bouncing us to the terminal. Tough call if you read the description of the chair. This site has a bunch of other dodgy medical gizmos and some great links to related topics. Well done.

Turbo charged /art-of-turboing.html

I'm a whiner. Not just any old whiner, I'll have you know. I'm a world-class whiner, and my particular brand of whining has helped me get the things I want out of most situations. I deplore bad service, especially when I'm paying through the nose for it. It's one of the main reasons I don't live in New York. If you're just getting started in your career of being a pain in the ear, this page is loaded with good advice on how to get what you want out of a bad situation. It's well worth the effort to read, even if you think you know it all.

Where, indeed

A while ago I was highly impressed with and, in a train wreck kind of way, I can't keep away from this site. Like BookCrossing, its premise is simple: You pop the serial number of a low denomination bill into this site and write the URL on the note. Then, the theory goes, the next person to get the cash notices the URL, goes to the site and updates the progress. Tracking features include time stamping, distance traveled and miles an hour. There's even e-mail notification for the truly obsessed. Writing on Treasury notes may well be illegal, so don't blame me if your pen gets you into trouble.

Get thee behind me

Would you pay $12 to stop those annoying X-10 ads from plaguing your browsing experience? And not just the X-10 ones. This software will catch everything. It seems the whole ad industry is heading in this pop-up way, so it might be money well spend. It's Windows-only. If you're a Mac OS X user, Omni Group's OmniWeb has you covered by building this in to the browser.

A gamer

Ah, the whiff of nostalgia. Cast your mind back to the turn of the '80s when the Atari 2600 VCS ruled the Earth. Well, the gaming bits of it, for sure. A recent Salon article turned me on to this link of some compulsive-obsessive guy and his quest for the ultimate portable Atari gaming console. The photos alone are worth the trip. But even if you're not a game-playing geek, you've got to give some of the text a chance. It's a labor of love, for sure.