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Building tanks into hillocks preserves view

Regarding the water tanks in Palm Harbor, if they must be put up at the proposed site, why not mirror the exterior of the tanks so they reflect the natural environment? Makes sense to me.

Mary C. Burke, Oldsmar

Want bridge? Build parking garage

The city of Clearwater has no money for garages to be built on Clearwater Beach, as promised, before the new Memorial Causeway Bridge becomes a reality.

This bridge will have 54,000 cars driving on it 40 to 50 days a year at the most. Assuming, as Commissioner Whitney Gray speculates, 27,000 are tourists looking for parking. With less than 1,600 parking meters and no garage, we will have a parking lot three-fourths of a mile long. The pollution will be incredible. It will have a devastating effect that the city cannot correct. Gone is the tourist economy on the beach.

People of this city must get involved, as their quality of life will be diminished. Don't build this bridge without a garage. If Commissioner Gray can speak out, why are the mayor and the other commissioners so silent on this matter?

Frank Spatuzzi, Clearwater

Condo dweller's call to Congress

It is easy for someone to say about On Top of the World condominiums, "If you don't like it, move." One moves somewhere else, and again, "If you don't like it, move." Where does it end?

Maybe we do need an act of Congress to protect condominium owners. Complaints are not being taken care of. I have complained about two palm trees that need attention. They have not been trimmed. Palms are dead and hanging on the sides of the trees. I guess they are waiting for a storm to knock it down. Carpenter ants are all over due to trees that haven't been treated. An act of Congress may finally get the job done.

Estelle Seltenreich, Clearwater

Failure-to-yield fine sign too small

We frequently drive the Clearwater section of Gulf Boulevard through Sand Key.

There are some signs near the crosswalks warning of possible pedestrians. That's all well and good, but when you are right at the crosswalk there is a small sign attached to a warning sign saying that there is an $80 fine for failure to yield. You practically have to get out of your car to read it.

Shouldn't these signs about the fine be larger and be placed farther away from the crosswalk area? Also, what would determine when you would be fined? Would you have to hit someone before they could say that you failed to yield right-of-way?

Wouldn't a simple sign saying you must yield right-of-way to pedestrians in the crosswalk be much simpler and safer?

Mrs. Don Merritt Sr., Seminole