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Medicare told to tell of findings on errors

A federal judge has ordered Medicare officials to disclose their findings whenever they investigate a consumer's complaint that a doctor or a hospital provided poor-quality care or committed medical errors that injured the patient.

The ruling, by Judge Ellen S. Huvelle of the U.S. District Court here, overturns a policy that for more than two decades has prevented Medicare beneficiaries from obtaining data on doctors who botched their care.

Amnesty for Mexicans

A plan that could grant legal status to up to 3-million Mexicans living illegally in the United States is being weighed by the Bush administration in one of the largest amnesty programs ever considered. No decision is imminent, Bush's spokesman said.

But Sen. Phil Gramm, a Republican from Texas, said granting legal residency to all Mexican immigrants now living in the United States "rewards lawlessness."

High-speed rail costs

Helping Amtrak raise $12-billion to start building high-speed train lines would cost the U.S. Treasury as much as $19-billion over three decades, according to a report released Monday.

And the General Accounting Office reported that completing new high-speed corridors, in addition to the existing one between Boston and Washington, could cost $50-billion to $70-billion.