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Van Halen battles on

Rocker Eddie Van Halen says it's easier to fight cancer than lawyers trying to work out a Van Halen- David Lee Roth reunion.

Van Halen, 46, revealed in April that he has cancer. The guitarist's wife, actor Valerie Bertinelli, has said he had a lesion removed from his tongue.

Van Halen told Maximum Golf in its August edition he's having treatment and is doing fine but that's all he'll say publicly until the cancer is gone.

He was more forthcoming about his dealings with Roth, Van Halen's original singer, over a possible album and tour. He said he last spoke to Roth in September.

"We . . . had some laughs and everything seemed cool," Van Halen said. "But before you know it, the attorneys are involved. These cats had me so beat down and confused, it made the cancer seem like a tiny zit on my (rear end)."

Define "criminal record'

CBS swore that its thorough background check unearthed no criminal record for Jason Sebik, tossed by the network from the Big Brother 2 house last week for holding a knife to a female contestant's throat.

The New York Times reported Monday it didn't break a sweat to find in Bayonne, N.J., Municipal Court that a Justin Sebik with the same Social Security number had been arrested five times, twice for minor robberies and three times for simple assault.

In all cases the charges were dismissed.

CBS told the newspaper it was aware of one arrest for robbery.

Music of hate

The man who wrote The Turner Diaries, the novel said to have inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, is using the Internet to promote his record label, Resistance Records, which promotes itself as "the soundtrack for white revolution."

William Pierce, the 67-year-old leader of the National Alliance, bought Resistance Records in 1999. The label promotes largely hard rock with profanity-laced, racist, anti-Semitic lyrics.

Pierce won't discuss the label's earnings. The Anti-Defamation League estimates that Resistance Records receives 50 orders a day, at an average of $70 each. That would make gross revenue of about $1.3-million a year.

Movie notes

The Japanese aren't having a problem with Pearl Harbor. The movie, which opened over the weekend, was the country's top-grossing film, taking in $7.09-million in two days. Pearl Harbor knocked A.I. Artificial Intelligence out of the top spot. . . . Twentieth Century Fox is struggling to get Tim Burton's Plant of the Apes completed in time for the July 27 release. It postponed for two days an exhibitor screening set for July 17. The press junket has been pushed to Friday, a week before the film opens. "We've never done a film on this tight a schedule," Fox vice chairman Bob Harper said. Harper said the film is about three or four days behind schedule. . . . Kevin Spacey is in final negotiations to star inThe Life of David Gale, a death row drama to be directed by Alan Parker. The two-time Oscar winner would play a professor and anti-capital punishment activist who is convicted of a murdering another activist.

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