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Boy home after rescue from ditch

Published Sep. 10, 2005

A 7-year-old boy who was pulled from a drainage ditch at a golfing community Monday was released from Bayfront Medical Center on Tuesday.

Jonathan Richmond was given CPR by a passing golfer, Ron Williams, who pulled him out of the ditch in Bayou Club Estates.

Williams, 63, was on his way to the 13th hole Monday when he noticed Jonathan, 7, and his brother splashing in the ditch.

"At first I thought they were just swimming," he said. "I thought, "What are they doing in that mucky water?' "

His golf cart rambled on about 10:30 a.m. on a day that the course was not open. The cart passed the area on the southwest side of the ditch where it flows beneath Silverthorn Road. Then Williams looked back.

"I couldn't tell if he was struggling or what," Williams said.

Williams told another golfer to stop the cart. He asked Jonathan's brother whether the boy was okay.

"He said he was just diving for the bike, but I wasn't so sure he was okay," Williams said.

Williams plunged in after Jonathan went face down in the water. The water was over Williams' head, and he had to hoist Jonathan onto the bank because the sides were so steep. He pulled himself up by a stick that was protruding from the side of the canal.

"His lips were blue, and he wasn't breathing. There was no pulse," Williams said. "I did some CPR and got his lungs clear. He came around fast."

Jonathan's parents thanked Williams for his actions. "They were a bit shook up," Williams said. "Somebody was looking out for him, that's for sure. I just happened to be there at the right time, that's all."