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Published Sep. 10, 2005

Clubs and Organizations

New officers of the Hernando Performing Arts Center Guild were recently elected. The officers include: Beverly Lewis, president; Marty Miller, vice president; Mary Lewis, secretary, and Marsha Roderick, treasurer.

Board members are Charlene Johnston, Barbara McNaull, Max Register, Jane Bussell, Patricia Eppley, Bob Martinez, Maribeth Durr, Margo Harriger and Karl Baldner. Barbara Manuel will serve as technical consultant, and Libby Phillips will head the puppet show for the area elementary school children.

The guild was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1993. It is dedicated to serving Hernando High School and the community by promoting and publicizing the performing arts center by obtaining a wide variety of entertainment.

For guild information, contact Beverly Lewis at 796-5175.


Gabrielle M. Cognac was the artist of the month for June at the West Hernando/S.T. Foggia Library in Spring Hill. She is a native of Lowell, Mass., and began her art instruction by taking classes at the Whistler House, the birthplace of artist James Abbot McNeil Whisler, in Lowell.

After moving with her husband and six children to New Hampshire, Cognac earned a bachelor's degree and then a master's degree in human services at New Hampshire College. She has had a long and varied professional career as a social worker in several states, including Florida.

While normally painting in oils, Cognac is experimenting with other media, including watercolors and sumi-e painting, the Japanese art of ink painting. She has studied with Florida artists, including Ralph Jacobsen, Carol Babayon and Yolanda Mayhall.

Spanish students representing Springstead High School participated in the 2001 State Spanish Competition at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando from April 27-29.

The students received the "outstanding" award for a play they staged during one of the competitions. They also received numerous awards for their impromptu speeches and poetry declamations.

Twelve students participated in the play competition. The cast members included: Justin Annibali, Joey Fierro, Crystal Josey, Shannon LaRivierre, Tess Magnuson, Allison Stine and Gerald Ziccardy. The camera men were Joey Montero and Robert Colon; stage hands included Jennifer Glenn, Mariam Deleon and Laura Thomas.

Several students received recognition for their impromptu and declamation speeches and poetry. Receiving outstanding awards were: Bobby Colon, Mariam Deleon, Joey Fierro, Shannon LaRivierre, Tess Magnuson, Laura Thomas and Gerald Ziccardy.

Two students received superior awards, including Justin Annibali and Crystal Josey; two students received excellent awards, including Jennifer Glenn and Joey Montero.

The students were accompanied by Iris Delgado and Noemi DeLaRosa.

German students representing Springstead High School participated in the Florida Association of Students of German state competition in Daytona Beach from April 27-29. The students returned with several awards for their presentations in poetry, art, oral impromptu and skits.

Students winning first place for poetry recitation included: Katie Hallberg, Michael Califano, Tatiana Goldberg, Dan Hampton, Matt Citarella, Michelle Josey and Jenn Urban. Second-place winners included: Michelle Leasure, Melanie Willis, Nicole Josey, John Tenison, Trenten Szabo, Tony Hager and Lindsey McCaslin.

Students winning third place for poetry recitation included: Marc Leasure and Joann Mordenti; winning fourth place were: Megan Perry, Ricky Garrett and Judah Delpilar.

In other categories, Yolanda Avery won fourth place in the native category of poetry. Ricky Garrett, with two entries, won first place and fourth place for his two-dimensional artwork. In oral impromptu German, Megan Perry received second place.

In the skit competition, this year's theme was art and music in German history. The Springstead students received first place. The students performed a musical skit, in which they sang, danced and played drums, bass guitar and keyboard to a variety of German music.

The skit performers included: Yolanda Avery, Lindsey McCaslin, Ricky Garrett, John Tenison, Trenten Szabo, Tony Hager, Judah Delpilar, Melanie Willis and Megan Perry.

According to their German teacher and club sponsor, Susan Mohon, "the students' hard work paid off." Due to their first-place standing, "the students were asked to perform their skit at the awards assembly before approximately 700 chaperones and students." To quote the judges: "They were awesome".

During the competition, Ms. Mohon was elected to the registrar's position of the state organization. She will be in charge of the German competition for the state of Florida for the next three years. Some of the state student officers were also chosen from Springstead's group. Yolanda Avery will serve as president, Lindsey McCaslin as treasurer, and Jenn Urban and Trenten Szabo will be the student corresponding secretaries.

The High Point Lions Club recently presented donations to seven local charitable organizations. President Louise Germani distributed approximately $4,000 to representatives who were present for the club's recent general meeting.

Those accepting the donations included: Don Mills of the Hernando County Eyesight Foundation, Diane Furus of the Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind, Beverly Stephens of Hernando-Pasco Hospice, Mike Eurick of the Florida Sheriff's Youth Camps, and Sylvia Pistorius of the High Point Property Owners Association.

Groups not present to receive their contributions included: Habitat for Humanity and the National Association of the Blind.


Recently, I, along with 294 other Springstead High School seniors, had the opportunity to walk across the graduation stage, receive my diploma and toss my cap in the air as part of the class of 2001. To my fellow classmates at Springstead, I just wanted to say congratulations!

In my 13 years in the Hernando County school system, I had the opportunity to know many of you, and I am thankful that I had that time. Some of us may be sticking around for a little while; others may not. Whatever path you are on, always remember where you took your first steps.

However, my purpose is to focus on all of the class of 2001, not just at Springstead, but at Hernando and Central high schools as well. All of us deserve to pat ourselves on the back, for we have just completed a task that many people do not have the discipline or the ability to complete. We, the class of 2001, did.

When the challenge was put forth in front of us, we tackled it with full force. It doesn't matter if you had the highest GPA or the most friends. What matters is that you did your best, that you didn't give up, especially when we live in a day and age where giving up is so easy and acceptable.

I ask you all to remember several things as you pack up your stuff for the big move from bedroom to dorm room (oh no!). Remember that Ramen noodles are cheap and filling; make them your best friend and you won't go broke. Remember that the only way to pass your classes is to actually attend them. Remember that just because you weren't involved in high school doesn't mean that college has to be the same way. Get involved.

Activities are what make learning fun. Remember not to party too much. It's more fun when you can remember what happened. Remember not to believe people who say that life is nothing if you don't have a lot of friends, but rather know that it is more important to have one or two true friends than half a million acquaintances.

Most importantly, though, remember your parents. They are the reason why you are a high school graduate in the first place. Even if you didn't always agree with their decisions, they are right about a lot more than you think.

In closing, I would like to once again congratulate you on your great achievement. You, the class of 2001, are the future. If you think the present stinks, this is your chance to change it. This is your moment to shine. We have seen the results of those who have come before us and, like all of them, we must surpass our predecessors in achievements. Why? Because like every generation, we must want it more.

We must have a bigger fire within us to go out and capture whatever we seek. Keep in mind always, however, that you did not get where you are right now all alone, and you won't get anywhere else that way either. I know when I go off to Florida State University in the fall, I will take a piece of my graduating class with me, and I hope you will all take a piece of it with you. Good luck to you all and God bless! Class of 2001 rules!

Meredith Friel

Spring Hill

The Arc Nature Coast's spring newsletter, The Archive, had an article featuring The Arc Wood Shop. We opened the wood shop along with our art class in the spring of 2001. We had very few tools in the wood shop and made a request for support of donations of tools and materials.

We had a wonderful response and would like to thank all of those in the commuinty who supported us in this endeavor. Special thanks go to Elizabeth Ouellette of Spring Hill, who donated a small wood shop of tools, and to Preben Christensen of Christensen Builders Inc. of Spring Hill, who donated $500 for the purchase of new tools.

Many others we know asked their friends and neighbors about tools, and we want to thank all of you for your continued support. We have a good start on tools now, thanks to your efforts.

Mark W. Barry

Executive director

Almost one year ago, on August 18, 2000, we took our boat out for the day with family and friends. Our destination was Anclote Park in Holiday. We launched the boat onto the water and headed toward the park. As my husband got ready to anchor the boat, he reached down under the seat to get the anchor and saw a cat run into the hull. We could not believe we were out in the middle of nowhere and had a cat on board.

Apparently, even though we store our boat at home, covered and under a carport, the cat must have gotten under the cover.

As we searched for the cat, we found four kittens. They were maybe a day old, and their eyes were still shut. The mother cat was very scared with all of us on board, so we decided to continue with our plans for the day. We spent the day at the beach, but constantly checked on the cat and her kittens, filling up swimming goggles with fresh water for her.

We tried to remove the cats when we arrived back at the dock, but could not get the mother cat off the boat. So, the cat and her kittens had to take the long 30-mile ride back home with us. Once home, we were finally able to get her off the boat.

But instead of bringing them to the pound or shelter, we decided to keep them. As soon as they were old enough, we made sure they all had their shots. Over the past year, all have been neutered. When we first took them home, we had to keep them on our back porch since we already had a very spoiled Siamese cat, Simon, living in the house.

My husband and I turned the back porch into a special cat house for the new arrivals. The cat house has shelves, cat toys and is complete with a fan in it.

Today, the mother cat, we call her Momma Kitty, and her one female kitten, Domino, live in our home with Simon. Stripey, a stray cat that appeared in our yard one day, which we also kept, and the remaining three male kittens, Rocky, Black Kitty and Junior, all live in the cat house. And they love it.

With a total of seven cats, three indoors and four in the cat house, I know they are all happy. The cat house, incidentally, cost $2,800 to build, but we feel it was well worth it. I know my love of cats encouraged me to do this. I thought this was a nice story and I just wanted to share it with the community.

Denise Forman

Spring Hill

The Hernando Performing Arts Center Guild recently elected new officers. From left are Marty Miller, Mary Lewis, Beverly Lewis and Marsha Roderick.

Local charitable organizations received contributions from the High Point Lions Club recently. Representatives present to receive the donations were Diane Furus, Mike Eurick, Sylvia Pistorius, Beverly Stephens and Don Mills.

Denise and Clint Forman of Spring Hill adopted four kittens and their mother into their family almost one year ago. Today the cats, considered members of the family, play and enjoy their new home. Denise is shown here with some of the family's cats.

Stand-Alone Picture 1: On May 5, the Autism Society had its sixth annual golf tournament at the GlenLakes Country Club. Many Timber Pines members attended to help make the event a success. A foursome from Timber Pines won first place in the senior flight competition. Teammates standing, from left, are Cork Gobble and Roger Hadel. Kneeling, from left, are Don Haring and Joe Reilly.

More than 125 Timber Pines residents were treated to their own Easter parade when they got together to share an Easter dinner at the lodge. The ladies were encouraged to design and wear their most "original" Easter bonnet creations. The event was coordinated by Royal Oak Village residents Barbara and Bob Kabzinski. Joyce and Carl Unterweiser and Jim Hinchey assisted.