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Subdivisions to get repaved High Street, free sidewalks

(ran PW, PS editions)

The city has received estimates of assessments for a street improvement project that will impact 719 residents.

Two weeks ago the City Council approved the project, but deleted plans to repave High Street, and put trees, crosswalks and speed calming devices in the Tanglewood Terrace subdivisions. On Tuesday night, the council decided in a 4-1 vote to keep High Street in the project because by taking it out, there would be fewer property owners to share the assessed cost.

The City Council then voted, again 4-1, to pick up the cost of sidewalks. City staffers now must recalculate the assessments without the cost of the sidewalks being borne by property owners. Council members then will consider the amended assessments.

"It's the city's responsibility to be a liable for these sidewalks," said council member Susan Clark, who made the motion Tuesday for the city to bear the cost.

If the City Council approves the project, it would take approximately six months to finish construction, then billing would begin.

The assessments are payable over 10 years plus a 7 percent annual interest on the unpaid balance. A lien will be recorded until the full amount is paid.

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