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When boiling green vegetables such as green beans, asparagus or kale, always add them to a pot of rapidly boiling salted water and cook them uncovered. Following these steps preserves their wonderful jade color. If they are cooked covered, or started in cold water and then boiled, they will turn a shade of olive.

EASY ROLLING: Pie and tart doughs are easier to roll and shrink less when baked if they are made a day ahead and refrigerated.

BETTER POTATO SALADS: Choose smooth-skinned waxy potatoes, like a red bliss, when making potato salad. These potatoes hold their shape when cooked versus baking varieties, which always break up. If you want to leave the skins on the potato _ a healthy and pretty choice with ruby-skinned types _ always cut the potato before boiling or steaming. A potato's skin will slip off if it is cooked whole and then cut.

SUCCESSFUL MEASURING: When measuring liquids, always put the cup on the counter, since it is virtually impossible to hold it even in midair. Pour the liquid into the cup up to the bottom of the line indicating the amount desired.

HERB HELP: If an herb has roots attached like cilantro or basil, stick them in a container of water and top off the bunch with a large plastic bag before refrigerating.

LIGHTER BATTERS: When adding whipped egg whites to a batter _ as in waffles, cakes, or souffles _ always add them in stages. First, lighten the base by stirring in about a third of the whipped whites into the base, then carefully fold in the remaining two-thirds.