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Video released of radio show boar killing

Editor's note: This story contains graphic information that may be offensive to some readers.

Paul Lauterberg needed money for his wife's anniversary gift.

So the hunter from Myakka City came up with a plan: Help radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge Clem kill a boar in a radio station parking lot.

"Maybe Bubba can help me do something nice for my wife," Lauterberg said as he skinned the boar outside WXTB- FM 97.9 in February.

And to show his dedication, Lauterberg ate the animal's raw body parts.

"Now just do my wife right," Lauterberg said as he struggled to keep the food down. "Thanks Bubba."

Instead of getting a reward, Lauterberg and four others, including Clem, are facing felony charges of animal cruelty. They could face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

Prosecutors on Tuesday released a videotape of the "Road Kill Barbecue," which included Lauterberg's comments, that they plan to use against the defendants in the animal cruelty case.

Defense attorneys had fought the release of the videotape in court, saying it was so disgusting it would make it impossible to pick an impartial jury. A circuit judge ruled against them.

"It is unfortunate that the tape was released to the public at this time," said Dan DiLoreto, general manager of WXTB. "This action did not serve the public interest and only further sensationalizes the case."

The video, shot by Clem's production company for a pay-per-view Web site, shows how the killing unfolded outside the Tampa office of Clear Channel Communications on Feb. 27.

The morning began with a circle of men standing around a table in the radio station's parking lot. In front of them: a box of raw fish, a blender with rat guts and cups of vomit.

As the group chanted "Chug! Chug!" a man drank live goldfish.

"There are chicks in this crowd who can't wait to see this," one man said.

In exchange for tickets to a Zephyrhills music festival, two women each smooched a man moments after he drank a concoction.

Eventually, the crowd turned to a boar named "Andy."

The boar was trapped in a cage on a pickup truck parked behind a fence at the station's employee lot. The boar's snout and neck were tied with rope.

As the crowd chanted "Andy! Andy!" three men jumped on the pickup and surrounded the boar, which thrashed around as men grabbed at it.

Someone yelled: "Do you want him to live or die?"

"Die!" the crowd roared.

The men dragged the boar out of the cage, tortured and slaughtered it.

Clem, who was inside the radio station broadcasting his morning show, at one point wondered whether the group had gone too far.

"We're being kind of cruel to animals, aren't we?" Clem asked. "Do you think we'll get in some trouble?"

On Tuesday, Clem declined to discuss the tape. "It's a witch hunt," he said of the case.

Animal rights activists who urged police to investigate the killing welcomed the videotape's release.

"Bubba is still professing that he has done nothing wrong, and we are happy that the public will see exactly what he did that was so unwrong," said Karen Lybrand, a spokeswoman for the group Adaptt.

No trial date for the animal cruelty charges have been set.

_ Times staff writer Tom Zucco contributed to this report.