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Pussycat II should close, county says

The county is seeking an injunction to close the Pussycat II adult bookstore and theater after sheriff's deputies said they were groped and propositioned for sex more than 30 times in the past two years.

The county contends that illegal acts of lewdness, battery and exposure of sexual organs are occuring at the club. Tuesday night, county commissioners gave permission to the county's attorneys to seek an injunction in court.

County records detail numerous instances in which male law enforcement officers went into the business at 39468 U.S. 19 in Tarpon Springs. The officers usually went in video booths and were approached by male patrons, the records said.

Some of the patrons touched the officers in the chest and groin; others went into the booths and began masturbating, records said. Numerous patrons were charged with simple battery or exposure of sexual organs.

A man at the adult theater did not want to comment or identify himself when a reporter called Wednesday.

Last month, Pussycat founder Robert Gluck, 73, was arrested after sheriff's detectives said he hired men to beat up a former employee. Vice detectives used Halloween makeup on the former employee to make him appear battered, then showed photos of him to Gluck. Gluck paid them for the work, then was arrested, authorities said.

In addition to the Tarpon Springs store, Gluck also opened Pussycat adult book and video stores in Largo and New Port Richey.

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