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Tim-Tim, pass the Tum-Tums

Some call it a guilty pleasure. Some think it has artistic merit. Teens are big on it.

I say it's responsible for the worst 30 seconds of TV I ever saw _ before coming to my senses and changing the channel.

But all that counts is that NBC executives like Passions, the soap opera with witches and Timmy the talking doll. They are so enthusiastic that they have creator James Reilly developing a Saturday-morning spinoff called Harmony High, TV Guide reports.

Reilly also has prime-time shows in the works that won't be Passions knockoffs, "but will have quirky twists and an element of soap."

We could end up yearning for the return of Men Behaving Badly.

J.Lo's new material

Jennifer Lopez continues to diversify.

Expected to hit stores in spring 2002: J.Lo swimwear, the latest offshoot of her new fashion business.

But her initial clothing offerings will hit the stores in late October, reports the New York Post.

The actor-singer gave a preview on MTV's Total Request Live on Monday, showing off low-slung jeans and pants, T-shirts, denim jackets and dresses, velour suits and knit tops. Prices will run from $22 (T-shirts) to $350 (leather jackets).

Lopez designed everything, says Andy Hilfiger (Tommy's brother), who is credited with hooking up Lopez and New York's Seventh Avenue.

Up where they belong

A Palm Springs, Calif., nudist resort this week begins expanding to include a footbridge so naked guests can cross a busy street.

The city planning commission rejected the bridge because members thought approval might set a bad precedent _ allowing Palm Springs' first elevated walkway. Heaven forbid.

The City Council ignored the commission and unanimously approved the plan. The bridge will connect the main resort to 11 new condos and will include 5-foot-high walls to shield nudists from the unsettling sight of the clothed public 18 feet below.