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Council squashes take-home squad car proposal

Citing budget constraints and concern over liability, the City Council on Thursday turned down a request to provide all police officers with a take-home squad car.

Chief Jim Farley pitched the idea as a way to save wear and tear on vehicles and said an increased police presence would reduce crime. But only two members of the force live in Crystal River, a fact that gave the council one more justification for rejecting the proposal.

With a tight budget, the cars would have been expensive. It would have cost the city $71,000 a year for four years to acquire 10 fully equipped vehicles.

There were also legal concerns about accidents involving city vehicles. Farley stressed that take-home cars would have eventually saved money, in addition to other benefits, but he said he could live with the council's decision.

Citrus family will be on "Family Feud' game show

INVERNESS _ Members of a well-known Citrus family have won a spot on the game show Family Feud.

The Connors family, well known for involvement in public service and public education, went to Tampa recently for tryouts. Now they have received word that they will appear on the show.

Team members are Sandra "Sam" Himmel, a member of the Citrus County School Board; her twin, Linda Van Allen; their brother and fellow educator, Doug Connors; their sister, Brenda Fitzpatrick; and Brenda's brother-in-law, Spike Fitzpatrick, the School Board attorney.