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Material Girl's material for sale

Can't get a ticket to see Madonna?

Console yourself with her black-and-gold-tasseled bustier from 1987's Who's That Girl tour. Or the beaded bra from Girlie Show. Or the synthesizer on which she wrote Borderline.

Sotheby's is running the first auction devoted to Madonna. Check online at; under "Current special auctions online," click on "The Gotta Have It! Madonna Auction."

Also up for grabs:

A 1977 postcard to a friend on which Madonna wrote, "If I can get the money I really want to go to N.Y.C. if not for fame and fortune at least for the experience." (Bids start at $3,500.)

Handwritten notes on how Material Girl should be illuminated on the Blond Ambition Tour: "Spotlight, very dramatic lighting, smoke." (Starts at $1,200.)

The exercise equipment she used before the Blond Ambition tour. (The abdominal roller starts at $100.)

Madonna isn't a partner in the auction, but she did clear it, said Bob Schagrin, a collectibles executive who is running the auction with Sotheby's. Most of the items came from private collections, he said.

The auction ends July 31.

Madonna's U.S. tour starts this weekend in Philadelphia.