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Seniors left short-handed

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Forget the longstanding Abbott and Costello routine Who's On First?

A more appropriate query for the Land O'Lakes senior softball all-stars would be Who's on This Team?

With family vacations and several players out of town competing on travel teams, Land O'Lakes revamped its roster Monday for the Section 3 tournament that begins today at Burks Park.

Out are the Slate sisters, Amber and April.

In are Samantha Cronk, Jaclyn Bradley, Amanda Dyer and Jami Guido.

"We had 12 (players), but you can roster 14," manager Laura Bloomer said. "Since there are so many people out of town, I figured we'd better roster 14."

Still, Bloomer will have only 10 players available for Saturday's opening game at 12:30 p.m. against Citrus Park.

"We're bringing in some really strong girls, but we're going to have to make it through (Saturday and possibly Sunday games) without them," Bloomer said.

Cronk and Bradley, along with the Slates, are competing with the Tampa Rockets travel team this week at the 2001 International Fast-Pitch World Series in Georgia. The tournament concludes Sunday, so Cronk and Bradley could be available if their team is eliminated sooner. However, the Slates plan to join their family on vacation in Connecticut.

Brittany Hipps and Julie Rau, who played for Land O'Lakes in the district tournament, are also on family vacations.

Since both Slates pitched, Land O'Lakes must now rely on the arms of Dyer, Cronk and Bradley.

Guido, the other newcomer, played in the senior division and is expected to see time in rightfield.

With Cronk and Bradley unavailable for Saturday's game, Bloomer plans to start Dyer on the mound and bring in Colleen Raison in relief. As long as neither throws more than four innings, both would be eligible to pitch again Sunday.

"I need pitchers," said Bloomer, who hopes Cronk and Bradley show up to pitch after that.

That is, of course, if Land O'Lakes survives the roster upheaval and isn't eliminated in two games.



Christin Bloomer, Brandi Barrett, Brittany Hipps, Mandy Yingling, Crystal Powers, Erin O'Grady, Sarah Walters, Colleen Raison, Julie Rau, Melissa White, Samantha Cronk, Jackie Bradley, Amanda Dyer and Jami Guido.