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STRAIGHT ADVICE: To minimize angles in an odd-shaped room, arrange the furniture according to the lines. Similarly, if a lopsided window is the eyesore, use beautiful window treatments to mask its shortcomings.

BACKYARD BIRDS: Attract birds to your yard or garden by providing them with nesting material. Place pieces of string (6 inches or less), hair, dog hair, dry grass, pine needles, bark strips and weed or grape stalks in an open mesh container, then hang the container in an open outdoor area.

MASCULINE BATHROOM: For a special touch in a man's bathroom, roll up several towels and arrange them in a red metal toolbox positioned on top of the vanity. Complete the look by securing a hand towel within the jaws of a wood clamp or vise.

POLYMER PLANTING: Before you plant in a container, add plastic polymers to the soil. This material, available at garden centers, can hold up to 700 times its weight in water and helps keep soil moist without constant watering.

BULB DEPTH: With the sandy soil of Florida, plant bulbs a bit deeper than the package recommends.