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Is the engraving the same, too?

Hurry, order your Brad and Jennifer look-alike wedding rings before it's too late.

Pitt and Aniston are suing the Italian jewelry designer who did their rings for breaching an agreement to never replicate them.

The suit says Silvia Damiani and Damiani International not only reproduced the rings but offered them for sale on the Internet and at jewelry stores in Palm Desert, Calif., and Las Vegas. Pitt and Aniston want $50-million and the sales stopped.

The rings being sold are two concentric bands in 18 karat white or yellow gold connected by either 12 or 13 diamonds. They cost about $1,000 apiece, must be custom-ordered and take two months to make.

Pitt designed his and Anniston's rings for their wedding last July. They are made of white gold and diamonds, with Aniston's engraved "Brad 2000" and Pitt's "Jen 2000."

The cash flows: Pitt and Aniston most likely don't need the $50-million. But maybe they do. This week's special "Money" issue of Variety says the annual cost of being a big Hollywood star is $51,613,725.

Among the expenses: $10-million for a house in Malibu. More than $145,000 for round-the-clock nannies. For the underlings: personal assistant, $60,000; chef $120,000; driver $50,000; butler $80,000. (I'm in the wrong profession.)

If you choose to remodel the $10-million home _ or get thrown out of it or need a transitional place between relationships _ the Beverly Hills Hotel's in-demand Bungalow 5A is $4,075 a night. The Four Seasons has a presidential suite with a day rate of $4,300.

File this under "Why?": After two years and 400 tries, food researchers at Oklahoma State University say they've developed sliced peanut butter.

They were looking for something that wouldn't stick to a cellophane wrapper but would still taste creamy, says Oklahoma food businessman Stewart Kennedy. "People don't want some rubberized peanut butter slab," he said.

That image alone makes my stomach turn.

Kennedy plans to debut the product next month in 74 Wal-Mart SuperCenters in northeast Oklahoma.

Each slice will be individually wrapped and packaged like sandwich cheese and sold in the freezer section. And no crunchy. Only plain.

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