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Suits filed

(Filings for July 2-6, 2001)

First Tennessee Bank National Asssociation vs. Lewis J. Pantiel and Joann Pantiel (real property).

Richard B. Nugent as Sheriff vs. Michael Glen Parrott (other).

Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. and Household Financial Services Inc. vs. Mike Lachance, Tammy Lachance, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

WR Dallas Limited Partnership vs. Reflexions on Fitness Inc. (evictions).

Donna Bourbeau vs. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (other negligence).

Michael Johnson vs. Stacy Payne and Troy Payne (other negligence).

Andrew Stephen Higgins vs. Andrew Frank Morris (other domestic relations).

American Express Centurion Bank vs. Paul Barnett (contract and indebtedness).

Leaner Jackson vs. Alfred Williams (child support).

Sarah J. Hull vs. Gary K. Baker (child support).

Natalie Marie Kern vs. Michael Alan Rozanski (child support).

Amsouth Bank vs. Eva M. Roberts, Jane Doe, John Doe and Unknown Spouse (real property).

Michigan National Bank vs, Leon Waldman and Zion Bread Distribution (contract and indebtedness).

Chase Manhattan Bank as Trustee vs. Milagros Colon Rohena, John Doe Unknown Spouse of Milagros Colon Rohena, Jacqueline Goetz, Jill A. Hawkes, Jacqueline J. Melin and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. and Norwest Mortgage Inc. vs. Saul P. Daconceicao, Tammy R. Daconceicao, Empire Funding Corp, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Estate of Edna Loris Vlad and Siri Vlad vs. Kindred Nursing Centers East LLC, Kindred Healthcare Operating Inc., Kindred Healthcare Inc. and Evergreen Woods Health and Rehabilitation (other).

First Nationwide Mortgage Corporation vs. Joseph W. Hunter, Unknown Spouse of Joseph Hunter, Susann M. Hunter, Unknown Spouse of Susann Hunter, Spring Hill Civic Association, Chase Manhattan Bank as Trustee, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Citimortgage Inc. and Source One Mortgage Corporation vs. Carlos A. Curet, Unknown Spouse of Carlos A. Curet, Lisbianettecq Curet, Unknown Spouse of Lisbianette Curet, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Rosa I. Marrero vs. Fernando L. Ramirez (child support).

Heather W. Vogal vs. Joaquin E. Perez (child support).

Melissa Decker vs. Christopher J. Decker (child support).

Tabitha Petry vs. Nita Lee Darnell (child support).

Maureen P. Morgan vs. Lisa M. Lehmann (child support).

Margarita Granatie vs. Ariel Hernandez (child support).

Charmaine J. Lloyd vs. Angel G. Davila Jr. (child support).

Theresa M. Baker vs. Gary K. Baker (child support).

Tammy L. Olive vs. Johnny E. Avery (child support).

Tina E. Gilpin vs. Juan A. Gonzalez (child support).

Timothy A. Chambers vs. Angeline F. Towery (child support).

Bank of America, Nationsbank, Barnett Bank, Barnett Bank of Jacksonville and Barnett Bank of the Suncoast vs. Starr A. Sorensen, Associates Financial Services Company of Florida Inc., Union Planters National Bank and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Southeast Drilling Services vs. Hernando County (contract and indebtedness).

BA Mortgage LLC, Nationsbanc Mortgage Corporation and Nationsbanc Mortgage Corporation of New York vs. Carole J. Hojnacki, Unknown Spouse of Carole J. Hojnacki, Darlene Zaccardo, Unknown Spouse of Darlene Zaccardo, Denise Kelly, Unknown Spouse of Denise Kelly, John Doe and Mary Doe (real property).

William A. Morris and Beverly E. Morris vs. Irene Kerr (other domestic relations).

Michael C. Sullivan vs. Holly Joseph, Allison Sieger as Coperson Representative, and Estate of William A. Jude (auto negligence).

Lisa Deligio and Nicolas Deligio vs. Target Corporation (other negligence).


Associates Commercial Corporation vs. Edward J. McNamara Jr. (contract and indebtedness).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Brian Brijbag, Amy Brijbag and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

James Ashworth vs. Unique Industry Corporation of Greater Florida and James Artice McCarty (auto negligence).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Mark L. Atherton, Joannie G. Atherton and First Select Corporation (real property).

Chase Mortgage Company - West and Mellon Mortgage Company vs. Myrtle S. Boles, Myrtle Boles, John Doe Boles Unknown Husband of Myrtle S. Boles and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Ricardo Gonzalez and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).


Steve A. Dunning vs. Veronica J. Dunning (other domestic relations).

Lawanda E. Langley vs. Richard Williams III (child support).

Denise M. Bouchard vs. Stephen Kubik (child support).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Rafael Narvaez and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Connie Sue Lasseter and Christina Sue Gandy vs. Connie Sue Pulber and Christina Sue Pulver (other domestic relations).

Midfirst Bank vs. Timothy R. Butler, Clare E. Butler and Unknown Tenant/Owners (real property).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. and Green Tree Financial Servicing vs. Darrell Roberson, Unknown Spouse of Darrell Roberson and Unknown Tenants in Possession (real property).

Tina Ann Koontz vs. Dennis Harry Sorensen (other domestic relations).

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Clifford P. Butts (real property).

Jennifer A. Foster vs. Michael T. Tracz (child support).

Lynette A. Mobley vs. Cleveland Pope Jr. (other domestic relations).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Thomas J. Cassera, Tammy Lynn Cassera, HomeQ Servicing Corporation, TMS Mortgage Inc., The Money Store and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Michelle L. Webb vs. Jason B. Owens (child support).

Monty George Farrell Sr. vs. Mary E. Chiasson (other domestic relations).

Jessica L. Ford vs. Leslie R. Collins (child support).

State Street Bank and Trust Company as Trustee vs. Danford R. Shaw, Ana Rosa Morales, Ana Rosa Shaw, Rosa Shaw, Bills Heating and A/C, Bank One National Association as Trustee, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Bank One National Association vs. John R. Asher, Unknown Spouse of John R. Asher, Tenant I and Tenant II (real property).

Samantha M. Horn vs. William R. Horn (child support).

Paula M. Petrucci vs. Shannon K. Waller (child support).

Bank of America NA vs. John LaPointe, Lana M. LaPointe and John Doe (real property).

Tulasi A. Prema vs. Michael C. Guinta (child support).

Associates Housing Finance LLC vs. David L. Elkins, Kimberly A. Elkins and Household Finance Corporation III (real property).

Citifinancial Equity Services Inc. and Commercial Credit Consumer Services Inc. vs. Carolyn L. Carraway, Nelson W. Carraway, Unknown Tenant I and Unknown Tenant II (real property).

Chase Manhattan Bank as Trustee, Prudential Securities Secured Financing Corp. and Litton Loan Servicing Corp LP vs. Julie Phillips, Unknown Spouse of Julie Phillips, Unknown Tenant I and Unknown Tenant II (real property).

Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. vs. Bruce B. McCollum, Unknown Spouse of Bruce B. McCollum, Erdine I. McCollum, Unknown Spouse of ERdine I. McCollum, John Doe Unknown Tenant and Jane Doe Unknown Tenant (real property).

Michael A. Pettry and Tabitha D. Pettry vs. Charity A. Marlow (child support).

Richard B. Nugent vs. Gabriel F. Taylor (other).

Washington Mutual Bank FA and Bank United FSB vs. Sandra J. Clark and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

GMAC Mortgage Corporation of Pa. vs. Willene Wooten, Unknown Spouse of Willene Wooten, Tenant I, Tenant II, Tenant III, and Tenant IV (real property).

Bank One National Association vs. Kenneth E. Tillson Jr., Irene Tillson and Unknown Parties in Possession (real property).

Ellen Lyon vs. William McKinley (other domestic relations).

Kristin Leigh Petrequin vs. Kristin Leigh Carner (other domestic relations).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. and Green Tree Financial Servicing vs. Gary J. Vaillancourt, Unknown Spouse of Gary J. Vaillancourt and Unknown Tenants in Possession (replevins).

Dissolutions of Marriage filed

Jeanne C. Marquez vs. Joseph F. Marquez Jr.

Marianne J. Roth vs. Ronald Peter Roth.

Shelly May Szafranski vs. John F. Szafranski.

Janice Anita Pilja vs. Rudy Rade Pilja.

Darlene M. Brock vs. Brian G. Brock.

Matthew J. Turner vs. Elsie M. Turner.

Deborah A. Nardi vs. Joseph Nardi.

Scott R. Rhinehart vs. Janice C. Rhinehart.

Sharon L. McEvoy vs. Patrick J. McEvoy Jr.

John Patrick Davis vs. Tracy Lynn Davis.

William S. Phipps vs. Claudia D. Phipps.

Stephanie Acker vs. Danny Acker.

Danita Acquafredda vs. William T. Acquafredda.

Luis M. Dosal vs. Angela G. Dosal.

Timothy A. Hicks vs. Kimberly A. Hicks.

Patricia H. Tolbert vs. Thomas J. Tolbert.

Christine A. Thompson vs. Michael D. Thompson.

Dissolutions of marriage granted

Glenda G. O'Hara vs. John G. O'Hara Jr.

Arlene T. Beauchene vs. Fernando L. Beauchene.

Walter M. Mathews vs. Barbara Jean Mathews.

Alicia L. Brown vs. Willie Lee Brown.

Iris Fowler vs. Billy J. Fowler.

Barbara Brandon vs. Brian Brandon.

Gayla M. Clark vs. Thomas E. Clark.

Denise Esposito vs. Ralph C. Esposito.

Cora Marie Filliator vs. Edmund E. Filliator.

Roberta L. Glenn vs. Charles B. Glenn.

Roy D. Elliott vs. Betty S. Elliott.

Marriage license applications

Kelby Allen Hochstetler of Sarasota and Jill Colleen Carpenter of Brooksville.

Rick Earl Harms and Debra Ann Savard, both of Brooksville.

Earl Jackson Sanders and Teresa Hope Freeman, both of Brooksville.

Richard Lee Downing and Melissa Lyn Ledford, both of Spring Hill.

Larry Lee Holley and Rose Marie Houck, both of Spring Hill.

Louis Kevin Manzi and Robin Annette Little, both of Spring Hill.

Abel Anthony Razzo and Jeannette Alverio, both of Spring Hill.

David Scott Hunnicutt of Floral City and Tammi Lavonne Tulp of Oviedo.

Donald Ray Underwood, Jr. and Bethann Huften, both of Brooksville.

Kevin Edward Cox and Mora Helen Blommel, both of Brooksville.

William Joseph Jones and Bridie Maureen Mayer, both of Brooksville.

Gautier Aponte and Dulce Imelia Toro, both of Spring Hill.