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Get into the spirit with the snow family

If it doesn't snow at all in your part of the country, this snow family is a great way to transform the yard into a winter wonderland.

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, the kids and the family dog will help you share the joy of the season with the whole neighborhood, and they won't melt when the sun comes out.

The snow family is almost easier to make than a real snowman, and it can be put together over a single weekend. Just glue the figures onto exterior plywood with waterproof glue, cut them out, sand the edges, paint the edges and back, attach stakes or stands, and they're ready to display. No special skills or tools are required, and no painting is necessary.

Each full-color figure is printed on weather-resistant poster paper in waterproof inks. The finished figures are designed to stand up to the elements, but we recommend a coat or two of polyurethane weather sealer for a longer life.

Mr. Snowman stands about 5 feet tall, Mrs. Snowman is about 4{ feet tall, and the snow kids are both about 2 feet tall.

The Snow Family Display, C6, is $30.95 and includes posters for the five figures plus complete step-by-step construction directions. The Merry Christmas sign and candy cane posters are available separately.

In addition, a catalog picturing hundreds of do-it-yourself projects is $3.95, and a free holiday brochure is available on request.

Prices include postage and handling. Please allow four weeks for delivery. For rush delivery, add $1 per item up to $3 maximum and allow about two weeks.

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