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Residents seek tales, photos of Roser Park

Let's start today's offerings with one of those research requests that can be so satisfying to both seeker and supplier.

Most of our St. Petersburg readers are probably familiar with the Roser Park neighborhood. Those who haven't seen it would probably enjoy its unusual qualities (unusual for Florida, at least): Roomy, old two-story homes perch atop hilly yards, a creek wends its way through, and narrow cobbled streets meander pretty much wherever they want to. Roser Park's nearest neighbors are Bayfront Medical Center and All Children's Hospital to the north.

Chris Kelly and his wife are restoring one of the homes in Roser Park, and they are interested in any photos of the area our readers may have, particularly photos older than 10 years. All photos and tales of Roser Park are welcome. Give the Kellys a call at (727) 894-1064 if you can help them travel back in time through their neighborhood.

Kate Torgerson and her sister are hoping you no longer need your old, but still working, old-fashioned phonograph. The ladies have some "ancient" records they are fond of, but they need a machine on which to play them. When they say "old fashioned," we are assuming they mean the kind that runs on electricity. When they say "ancient," we aren't so sure. Help these sisters amble down memory lane by giving a call to (727) 593-0150. We'll let you and the ladies decide whether or not they need a machine with a crank and a big horn.

On a similar note, Jenifer Chapko and her husband hope some reader has been thinking about relocating their record player. The Chapkos love the old music on 78 rpm discs, but their machine has died. Please give them a call at (727) 391-4187.

Ann Parks of Crystal River needs sheet music to the song Shangri-La. Please call (352) 564-0017.

Edna Ritter of Seminole has reached an age where canning has become a bigger hassle than it's worth. She hopes a reader will be able to use several dozen quart canning jars she no longer needs. Edna may be reached at (727) 397-2645.

Ruth needs a plastic canvas pattern of a turtle that can be used to make coasters for Christmas. Ruth's number is (727) 669-6821.

Anna Van Leezem of Clearwater is getting a Bible study group started, and she could put any extra Bibles in your home to good use. Please call either Anna at (727) 298-8360 or Myron at (727) 442-0684.

Helen Brower of Treasure Island needs to find an Argus projector and slide magazines to view slides she has dating back to 1942. Please call (727) 360-3173 if you can assist her.

Stephenia Fuller of Port Richey has nine Zane Grey hardbacks in good condition (well, one is a bit iffy) that need a good home. Their publishing dates range from 1910 to 1932. Please call (727) 863-8288.

A retired Navy man is volunteering to repair any manual (not electric) Perkins braille writer for a service charge of $1 plus the factory price of any required parts. Please call (813) 633-0405 for details.

Marian Gay of St. Petersburg would like to donate her kangaroo fur jacket to a charitable cause. The jacket was purchased in Australia some time ago and is about 27 inches long. Marian remembers hearing about folks donating fur items to be made into teddy bears, and she thinks her jacket would turn out a handsome bear or two that some organization might raffle off to raise money for a worthy purpose. If you can use this jacket, call Marian at (727) 526-9544.

If you have an owners manual for a '97 Buick Skylark (custom) that you no longer use, Kathy Johnson of Largo would like to offer it shelter. Please call (727) 204-0576.

Denise Baez of St. Petersburg hopes to find someone to teach her the fine art of crochet. Denise thinks it would be good therapy for her fibromyalgia as well as a fun and useful hobby. She may be reached at (727) 343-3520.

Linda McIlroy of Redington Beach hasn't been able to find piano sheet music for Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C sharp minor, Op. 3, No. 2, which she lost during her move to Florida. Her phone number is (727) 399-1706.

Jan of St. Petersburg had such good luck the last time she wrote to this column that she's trying our readers again. A friend gave her a Kenmore portable sewing machine, model 158.14301, but the instruction manual didn't come with it. If you have a manual you no longer need or Jan may copy yours, please call her at (727) 866-0089.

Send requests to Reader Exchange, Newsfeatures, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail Only questions of general interest will be answered. Requests will be accepted only by mail or e-mail; no phoned requests, please. Except in unusual circumstances, readers must agree to publication of phone numbers (please include the area code) to be considered for the column.