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Satisfaction by design

Interview by SUE CARLTON

Randy Hollingworth, 45, is an urban designer who lives in Tampa. Though he usually works on large-scale projects like planning business parks, apartment complexes and whole communities, he also helped plan his own Hyde Park neighborhood's Kate Jackson Park renovation and designed its interactive fountain.

I was probably hammering nails when I was 5 years old. But I don't think I had the dream of anything other than being a fireman.

My first profession was landscape architecture, the design of external environments. Gardens, plazas . . . I guess I just enjoyed outdoors. Most people think we put the flowers in, "shrub it up," as they say. We do a lot more.

I'm in the office most of the time now. My job is generally at the computer. I worked on the master planning for Tampa Palms.

My dream? That's an interesting question. I think if I won the lottery tomorrow I can say, great, I can pay my company's bills and keep working. I'm lucky. I really enjoy what I'm doing.

I guess my dream is to be sufficiently wealthy to just do the projects I want to do. Large-scale urban design. The dream project would be like doing something for the Olympics. I typically am more geared to large-scale projects, multi-acre.

But Kate Jackson (park) has been one of the smallest projects I've ever worked on, and the most satisfying, because it was a whole neighborhood's project. Unlike an office park, where nobody ever knows who did it.

Letting me design a neighborhood park would not be my dream, but it was so rewarding. I did it as part of the neighborhood I live in.

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