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Sharon, Nick await paternity test results

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon and Nick awaited the results of their dead child's paternity test. A groggy Victor awoke, unaware that he had been drugged and given erectile dysfunction pills by Tricia. Meanwhile, Tricia reported that Victor had raped her. Later, a shocked Victor denied all and, ignorant of the fact that Tricia had had sex with him while he was drugged, offered to provide a DNA sample in his defense. Jack told Phyllis that the heart of his and Nikki's dead infant had been donated to another child. After spotting Ryan and Victoria's wedding announcement, Tricia ignored advice from Matt's ghost not to go after Victoria and began setting up her murderous plot.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Determined to marry Tad, a delusional Leslie took him prisoner. In an effort to help Tad, Jesse spilled wine on Dixie's outfit to get her to return home. Chris told Ryan that he's a federal agent and that Ryan's father died in a scuffle while resisting arrest. Laura succeeded in getting Greenlee falsely accused and jailed as a stalker. Mateo told Roger that he hoped he and "Proteus" could do more business in the future.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Craig was upset at how Sierra tried to protect her daughter. Paul put aside Rose's sketchy past and saw her as the ideal woman for him. Katie and Simon gave in to their mutual passion as they sat in an old convertible.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon assured Brooke that no one will ever know they slept together. He also told her that he feels he must now end his marriage to Bridget. Ridge was seriously hurt as he and Massimo fought over Massimo's admission that he loved Stephanie and was determined to make her his.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jack tried to get Greta to believe that he's not gay. Austin and Nicole bonded as they commiserated with each over their miserable fathers. Jan landed in the hospital after Mimi ordered her to stay away from Shawn. Lexie panicked as Barb began her blackmail scheme by reminding her (Lexie) that she (Barb) has DNA evidence to prove JT is Glen's son.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Hoping to protect Nikolas from his father's (Stavros) wrath, Laura agreed to go with Stavros to his bridal bower, where he hoped to rekindle a long-extinguished flame. Luke's arrival gave her a chance to escape, but she told Stavros she'll stay with him if he lets Luke go. Stavros responded by locking them both up.

GUIDING LIGHT: Billy agreed to help Josh finally lay his suspicions to rest. Meanwhile, Olivia continued to try to strengthen her position. Marah's "status" was displayed over the Internet. Gus was stunned by an unexpected development. Lorelei proved she could be a thorn in Edmund's side. Reva decided it was time to let go of her past.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Bo let Max and Gabrielle go when Asa's autopsy showed no signs of foul play. Later, a shocked Gabrielle saw Asa's "ghost" in the window. Viki met with Roxane (played by soap veteran Ilene Kristen), who had raised Natalie, but did not tell her about the baby switch. Blair agreed to marry Todd, but then refused to go through with the ceremony.

PASSIONS: Luis and Sheridan each recalled "a deep love" while walking separately along the beach in the Caribbean. Rebecca showed up at the hospital intent on forcing Julian to fly off to a Las Vegas wedding. Theresa also arrived to try to get the fax of Julian's and her wedding license out of the comatose Ivy's clenched hand. Suddenly, Julian realized that with Ivy on oxygen, he could get rid of all three troublesome women. Kay accidentally turned herself into a panther using Tabitha's spell.

PORT CHARLES: Livvie agreed to show her loyalty to Caleb by poisoning Jack. Chris planted cocaine in Karen's purse. Frank found it and ended their engagement, despite Karen's attempt to tell him the true source of her high energy levels. Lucy asked Rafe how he knew that she had kissed Ian. Jamal was furious with Alison for not telling him she had proof that he was Hope's father.

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