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Question: I couldn't wait until the new Olsen twins show, So Little Time, started. Now, after about a dozen episodes, all I see are repeats. Has the show been canceled, or was that a short season?

Answer: The first season of So Little Time, starring 15-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, is still in production. You will continue to see a combination of new episodes _ a total of 26 _ and repeats at various times on the ABC Family channel, formerly the Fox Family Channel. Meanwhile, the Olsen dynasty continues to build with Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action, a new animated series that premiered on ABC One Saturday Morning last month.

Question: I've been watching reruns of Crime Story on A&E. One of the "bad guys" is obviously played by Andrew Dice Clay; however, his name does not appear in any of the opening or closing credits.

Answer: Clay's role as a mobster was a recurring "guest" role during the 1986 season of Crime Story, so his name does not appear in the list of regular cast members. The actor/comedian met his second wife while filming location scenes of Crime Story in Chicago. They named their first son after Clay's Crime Story character, Max Goldman.

Question: I'm wondering about the actor who plays the ex-husband on the Reba show. Didn't he play a "prince" in one of my favorite canceled sitcoms?

Answer: Christopher Rich played Prince Charming in The Charmings, a 1987 comedy about a fairy tale family transported to the modern world. He also was a regular on Murphy Brown as clueless anchorman Miller Redfield. Now he plays Reba's ex on her new WB show.

Question: I really like the theme song at the beginning of the new Enterprise. Can you tell us who the singer and songwriter is?

Answer: English tenor Russell Watson sings Faith of the Heart, written by Diane Warren. Enterprise, the new Star Trek prequel series, airs weekly on UPN.

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