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Call it a blackout

South Carolina students organized a massive campaign dubbed the "Blackout" to have its fans dress in black. Fans were asked to wear all black to the game, and local stores advertised specials on black sweatshirts and jackets. The campaign was an opportunity to revisit a Gamecocks tradition. The "Black Magic" season of 1984 is remembered for the team's 10-2 record and for fans dressing like late coach Joe Morrison, who dressed in black shoes, pants, shirt, hat and sunglasses when he walked the sideline. A small section of orange and blue and thousands of faces and hands were the only colors that could be distinguished in the stands.

Fired up

How hyped was South Carolina for the Gators? The Gamecocks pulled out all the stops. It began with a burst of fireworks during the national anthem. Later, a mock magic box covered by a "magic curtain" at the center of the field revealed a leaping mascot, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Finally, players emerged from the tunnel in a haze of dry ice.

Fashion statement, Part II

With South Carolina going black, the Gators decided to go orange. The team donned its orange pants to go with white jerseys for the first time since 1998. Florida wore that combination Oct. 3, 1998, against Alabama, a 16-10 win in Tuscaloosa.

Family ties

Florida quarterback Rex Grossman's uncle, Dobby, is a former Gamecock who lettered in 1972.